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Appraisals by Mind Map: Appraisals
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This is a mindmap about Appraisals. Note - a mindmap is a plot of the big issues. It is not a dissertation on all the issues.

Questions for doctors

What do I do?

How well do I do it?

What should I do to continuously improve?

Evidence assists appraiser

to understand what the doctor does;

to gain an idea of how well the doctor is performing;

This can be achieved by ensuring that the appraiser has training in appraising skills and that the appraisee has access to clear guidance.


Achieving organisational aims

Achieving professional aims

Appraiser issues

seniority issues -

the senior consultant might be appraised by someone many years their junior or vice versa, or a very senior consultant might appraise a junior colleague in such a way that the power relationship inherent in their respective roles establishes itself early on in the appraisal process;

culture and diversity -

the appraiser and/or appraisee should be cognisant of the diversity and cultural issues that may affect performance, career choices or relationships with colleagues. Clearly the appraiser should deal with such matters with tact and discretion;

gender issues

Appraisers' role

Emotional intelligence

Personal competence

Social competence




ACP 360 to assess communication skills availability to teams and patients emotional intelligence decision-making relationships with patients relationships with relatives/carers relationships with colleagues.


Am I a good doctor? Do I perform well? Am I up to date? Do I work well in a team? Do I listen to and respect patients and reflect on their experience? How well do I deploy resources available and what resources are needed? How well do I meet service objectives? What are my development needs?

Working it

Shared understanding

Both the appraiser and appraisee should have a shared understanding of the task at hand.

Clear guidance

This can be achieved by ensuring that the appraiser has training in appraising skills and that the appraisee has access to clear guidance.



All doctors will be required to possess evidence of satisfactory practice and development, either through formal appraisal or preparation for a full revalidation (or perhaps both) and could be somewhat exposed if required to present historical proof of ongoing reflection, only to find that ‘the cupboard is bare’. A poorly prepared and conducted appraisal (or a missing appraisal), whilst posing an assurance risk to healthcare organisations, places individual doctors at potential risk with the regulatory bodies.

CMO's recommendations

a process of ongoing skills assessment

360 degree appraisal should be developed and/or formalised.



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Core documents

NHS Framework

For Consultants


NHS Professionals

Guide For appriasees