Comprehension Skills :D

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Comprehension Skills :D by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills :D

1. Eg:The circus managers decide to close the show when they heard Hurricane Alice was closing in. Why did the circus managers cancel the show? Because Hurricane Alice is closing in.

2. Figuring what the sentences really means from clues in the text.

3. Trying to picture what is happening in the book.

4. To tell what is most important in the passage.

5. Asking why, where, what,who, how and when

6. Making judgements on what you read and explaining why you made the judgement.

7. Making connections between different texts.

8. Using what you know to understand something new.

9. Questioning

10. Evaluating

11. Inferring

12. Using prior knowledge

13. Making connections

14. Synthesising

15. Summarizing

16. Visualising

17. 1.chronological order

18. Compare and contrast