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ENERGY. by Mind Map: ENERGY.

1. Funky Foxes

1.1. Weibo , Hazwani , Si En

2. tasks

2.1. Wei bo(leader)

2.1.1. checking the language

2.2. si en

2.2.1. what

2.2.2. where

2.3. hazwani

2.3.1. Extra Notes

3. what?

3.1. what is energy

3.1.1. energy is something we use to do things

3.2. KIND

3.2.1. Kinetic energy bigger and faster more run

3.2.2. Potential energy used anytime -Gravitational water receives energy as it falls stored as potential energy stored

3.2.3. Electrical energy do TV flow

3.2.4. Heat energy CAN'T SEE HEAT

3.2.5. Light energy see Eg. light

3.2.6. Sound energy hear Eg. music

4. why?

4.1. to do work

4.1.1. growth

4.1.2. reproduction

5. where?

5.1. sources

5.1.1. eat

5.1.2. what is the main source sun

5.1.3. Energy is in sunlight that falls onto the Earth,in the ocean waves,in the fuel used to run our cars,in boiling water

5.2. where can we get energy other than eating

5.2.1. moving get kinetic energy

5.3. where is energy found?

5.3.1. found everywhere

6. Extra notes

6.1. Positive

6.1.1. nuclear energy releases no greenhouse gasses

6.1.2. electrical energy lets us do work at night

6.1.3. light energy let us see things

6.1.4. heat energy gives us warmth

6.1.5. chemical energy

6.2. Negative

6.2.1. We waste toxics when using batteries thst have to throw when finished

6.2.2. We waste electrical energy because most of us on the lights or fans when not in used

6.3. what will happened if theres no energy?

6.3.1. It will be difficult for us to do work without electrical energy

6.3.2. If energy does not exist,no point of living on Earth