three branches of the federal government

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three branches of the federal government by Mind Map: three branches of the federal government

1. the legislative branch

1.1. congerss

1.1.1. the senate qualifications you have to be 30yrs old have to live in state you represent U.S citizen-least 9yrs 2 per state= 100 total represent interests of citizens in entire state serve 6 year terms one 3rd of senate seat up for election every 2yrs acts as court & tries to accuse officials

1.1.2. makes nations laws and controls government spending

1.1.3. taxes & bills originate in house of representatives & gain approval in house & senate before going to president

1.1.4. the house of representatives can impeach any federal official it suspects of wrongdoing

1.2. responsibilities

1.3. requierments

2. the executive branch

2.1. president

2.1.1. chief executive

2.1.2. chief diplomat

2.1.3. commander in chief

2.1.4. chief of state

2.1.5. legislative leader

2.2. responsibities

2.3. requierments

3. the judicial

3.1. responsibilities

3.2. supereme court

3.2.1. at top of america's legal system

3.2.2. led by chief justice and 8 associate justices

3.2.3. hear and rule on cases

3.2.4. decide cases to hear that appealed to the court, decide case it's self, determining explanation

3.3. appeals court

3.3.1. second level of federal court

3.3.2. reviews district court decisions

3.3.3. if disagrees with lower court can overturn verdict or order retrial

3.3.4. 14 appeals court in US

3.4. district courts

3.4.1. consider criminal and civil cases under federal not state authority

3.4.2. 94 courts in nation and territories

3.5. requierments