Bad News Penguins

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Bad News Penguins by Mind Map: Bad News Penguins

1. Photos /videos

1.1. The Legion of Boom

2. Hall of Fame

2.1. Our first-ever relay team at the ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL swim meet, March 07, 2015

3. Misc. resources

3.1. Archived workouts

3.1.1. Competitive (>2400 yds) C001: 2800 yds C002: 3300 yds C003: 2500 yds C004: 2500 yds C005: 2700 yds C006: 3250 yds C007: 2650 yds C008: 2750 yds C009:2500 yds C010: 2401 yds C011: 2700 yds C012: 2900 yds C013: 2900 yds

3.1.2. Fitness (1800-2400 yds) F001: 2175 yds F002: 2300 yds F003: 2000 yds F004: 1900 yds F005: 2150 yds F006: 2250 yds F007: 2150 yds F008: 2150 yds F009: 1850 yds F010: 1951 yds F011: 2275 yds F012: 2350 yds F013: 2150 yds

3.1.3. Learning (<1800 yds) L001: 1675 yds L002: 1750 yds L003: 1500 yds L004: 1350 yds L005: 1700 yds L006: 1500 yds L007: 1650 yds L008: 1750 yds L009: 1600 yds L010: 1601 yds L011: 1700 yds L012: 1750 yds L013: 1700 yds

3.2. Favorite instructional sites

3.2.1. Swim Smooth

3.2.2. Total Immersion

3.2.3. The Race Club

3.3. Dryland dos and don'ts

3.3.1. Swimming Science site (dryland for swimmers -- and much more)

3.3.2. Stretching Recommended stretches* *Important guidelines Door Frame Stretch for the Pectoral Group Two Part Latissimus Dorsi Stretch Upper Trapezius / Levator Scapulae Stretch Additional shoulder-specific stretches These are no longer advocated for swimmers a. b. c. d. e.

3.3.3. Warming up Active, on deck An out of water dynamic warm-up can help warm-up the body, improve muscular imbalances, and teach coordination. Video on dynamic warm-ups in general [ password: SWIMSCI ] On-deck warm-ups developed specifically for swimmers. In the water, pre-meet 200 easy swim; 4 x 50 build each 50; 100 working on stroke drills; 2 x 50 as 25 fast, 25 easy; 100 easy swim with good technique; 2-4 starts with sprinting to 15 yds. and 2-4 fast turns. 400 easy swim working your turns; 8 x 50 with 4 as build each 50 and 4 as 25 fast 25 easy; 200 stroke drills; 4 dive 25’s fast; 200 easy.

3.3.4. Shoulder related Shoulder Pain Checklist (to consider if or when you're experiencing pain; source: Shoulder exercises Band exercises Supine weighted exercises Prone weighted exercises

3.3.5. Favorite instructional sites Swim Smooth Total Immersion The Race Club

3.4. Meet results

3.4.1. Arnold Sports Festival Swim Meet

3.4.2. 3rd Annual Swim Against Huntington's Disease

4. Events

4.1. June 13 - Dec 15: BNP Challenge

4.2. Nov 22: Technology & Gizmo Fair

4.3. Sunday group swims

4.3.1. October 11, 2015

4.3.2. November 22, 2015

5. About us

5.1. We’re a USMS club, registered for 2015 with US Masters Swimming and The Ohio LMSC. (Local Masters Swimming Committee)

5.2. Our mission?

5.2.1. When we get around to formulating a statement, it'll likely have something to do with (1) fun and (2) swimming -- laughs and laps -- in that order.

5.3. Where and when we swim

5.3.1. Liberty Township / Powell YMCA

5.3.2. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30 AM -- plus Sundays at 11:45 AM. Friday practices, along with one Sunday practice a month, will be coached and feature a new /original workout. See "Events" for further details.

5.4. What we offer

5.4.1. On-deck coaching, structured workouts, news you can use, event (e.g. meet) planning and other intangibles.

5.5. How to join

5.5.1. Cost A $20 per quarter contribution is suggested. We don’t want to turn anyone away, however. So if that's too steep, well -- don't sweat it. Just help make us better via your participation, ideas, good attitude, etc.

5.5.2. Payment Make a check payable to Bob Joyce... and give it to Bob, Lynn or Keeler.

6. US Masters Swimming

6.1. What is Masters Swimming?

6.1.1. USMS is a national membership-operated nonprofit organization that provides membership benefits to nearly 60,000 Masters swimmers across the country. These benefits include insurance, SWIMMER magazine, sanctioned events, and many others. (Click arrow symbol to view membership benefits.)

6.1.2. USMS and its 52 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSCs) provide direct support to more than 1,500 Masters Swimming clubs and workout groups.

6.1.3. Structure and organization of USMS programs vary and are driven by factors such as pool availability, instructor or coach availability, community support, and finances. The majority of locations offering Masters Swimming programs have coaches on deck. Coaches write workouts and provide feedback and instruction.

6.2. How to join as an individual

6.2.1. Cost An individual US Masters membership would run you $44 for a year.

6.2.2. Signing up online Go to the USMS site. Select "Bad News Penguins" as your club. Pay via credit card. Receive a membership card like this.

6.3. Meets

6.3.1. Individual members can participate in as many Masters-sanctioned meets as they want. USMS allows one-event registration for some, but not all, of its meets. The normal "ask" is $15-20. So if you intend to participate in more than two meets, it makes financial sense to join USMS.

6.3.2. "Meet the Meets!" (meets on our radar, linked)