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What is a Robot by Mind Map: What is a Robot
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What is a Robot

attributes of robots


not alive

not biological

man made

takes action without direct human control

programable, has "brain"/computer

functions unattended

not every action is pre-sequenced

not every action is reactionary to humans

does useful work, entertaining us counts as useful work

moving parts




must be mobile

has sensors

changes behavior based on enviroment

more than a switch/timer

looks like a "robot"

looks something like a human/animal, factory conveyor belt vs factory "arm"

or looks like fictional robots, R2D2 / Dalek, c3p0 / cybermen

looks like things we have been told are robots, mars rover, metal

examples of robots

Industrial Arm ( Unimate / SCARA )


Honda's ASIMO,

Mars Rover,







teddy ruxpin?


Roomba Vacume,


robby from forbien panet

rossie from jetsons

bender from futurama

star wars, R2D2, C3PO, etc...

robot from lost in space


robot from "5 is alive"?

atomatons, mechanical turk, drawing, tea serving, toys

examples of non robots


just heat and timer


ok maybe a few have sensors for food weight

and they do turn the food

programing is very minimal, power level, time to cook

computer is very limited basically just a timer

remote controled car

no programing or computer

does not look like a robot

takes no action by itself

yes motors, yes mobile


big brain, takes long complex seriese of actions, is very reactive to the user beyond just direct responsive conrol

sensesors, does a mouse count, does the internet count, does a camera or scanner count

motors, fans don't count, not mobile, hard drive/cdrom motors?, does a printer count

does not look like robot

does a lot of entertain and useful work


is alive and biological

but it sounds just like a robot otherwise


is alive and biological

but it does not seem like a robot

TV/DVD player


this is just a specific use computer

fuzzy area are these robots

automatic coffe pot

takes sequence of actions, grind coffe, boil water, run water over grinds, deposit coffee in pot, keep pot warm for 1 hour, only reaction is to stop

programable, grind or not, time to make coffe, Very Very small brain but more than a timer

has sensors, do I have water, temperature of water, is pot in place to dispense coffee into, only internal sensors not enviroment

has motors, only the type that grinds, still is not mobile

does not look like a robot


takes sequence of actions, automatic transmission, cooling adjustments, seats that autoadjust, most actions / important actions feel like under human control, anti lock breaks, very reactive to changes (in a very limited response range)

programable, has medium computer, not many user/driver controls go through the computer, seat settings

has sensors, lots of internal motor sensors, heat, amount of gas, oil pressure, many many more on modern cars, can measure weight of driver and adjust seat, OK so is it the seat that is a robot and not the car?, sensors are internal not enviromental

has motors, lots of motors including a big one, seat, windshield wipers, starter motor, is mobile but not under self control

does not look like a robot

washing machine

takes sequence of actions, fill with water, agitate, empty water, rinse, spin, only internal change in action is to stop

programmable, delicate mode/permanent press mode, load size, hot/cold, Very Very small brain but more than a timer

has sensors, lid is open, water level sensor, clothes weight sensor (auto detect load size), tilt/out of balance sensor

motors yes, but is not mobile

does not look like a robot

sensors only sens self not enviroment

remote controled toy robot

no programing or computer

Does look like a robot

takes no action by itself

yes motors, yes mobile



does useful task

has extensive brain computer

sensors, buttons don't count, paper jam sensors, paper type?, no paper, ink level (or is that a timer?)