game ideas

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game ideas by Mind Map: game ideas

1. fun games

1.1. like games that are addicting

2. adventure games

2.1. where people are going to have to go on adventure and answer things

3. number games

3.1. To help children learn to count.

4. letter games

4.1. helps kids to read, write,and learn the alphabet]

5. Action

5.1. Fighting Games.

5.2. Shooting Games

6. Time

6.1. Games that you have a time limit for.

7. Educational.

7.1. Games that helps you learn.

8. Healthy eating games.

8.1. Games that teach kids what to eat, and what not to eat.

8.2. Veg+Fruit

9. Team work.

9.1. Working in a team is more fun, and you get more done.

10. Score

10.1. Games that gives you a score.

11. Racing games

12. Team games