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Kelly's Mind Map by Mind Map: Kelly
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Kelly's Mind Map

File Sharing

Google Apps

Gmail, Free E-mail service, You can Compose mail, Inbox shows your messages, Shows "conversations" on the same topic, Distinguishes from yYahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail

Document, Create, edit, and share a document online, You can upload Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML, and plain text documents, Edit documents simultaneously with whoever you're sharing the document with, Keep track of who made changes and when, See prevrious revisions, Publish documents online

Spreadsheet, Create, edit, and share a spreadsheet online, You can upload Microsoft Excel, CVS, TXT, and ODS files, Format cells, edit formulas, and calculate resuls, Share spreadheet online, or in a Website

Presentation, Create, edit, and share a presentation online, You can upload Microsoft PowerPoint and export to it, Insert images, text, and videos, Share presentation online

Form, Creat, edit, and share a form online, Can be sent to ayone with an E-mail

Calendar, Add events and invite other gmail users


Mail, No ads, Storage room, Spam protection, Folders and Labels, Instant Messaging

Writer, Share and Collaborate online, You can import and export documents, Template library, Can publish documents on a blog

Sheet, Can be accessed anywhere, Can import or export Excel, Documents can be shared

Show, Template, Can be accessed anywhere, Can be shared online


Work collaboration

Browser Format Capability, Can be read by any browser, The document will be appear the same way in all browsers

Graphics, Photos and other graphics can be copied and pasted onto other documents

Security, You can decide whether people can change or edit any of the information, You can set a password

Social Networking



Online Forums

Photo Sharing, Pictures can be tagged and saved on your profile

Applications, Games and Entertainment

Interaction Among Friends, You can have many friends, Write on their walls, Comment on pictures, Chat


Tweets, 140 Character Statuses, Share Links to videos, photos, or websites

Following, You can have many different Followers that keep track of your updates, Follow other people and keep track of their information


Business, You can share your resume, Used for mostly professional dealings, Can be used to find a job

Forums, Many question and answers type of forums, Can be used as a search engine to find information on any topic, Many Blogs are used


Video-Sharing, Upload videos to share with the world, Can save the videos and share on various websites

Blogs, Videos can be used as daily blogs on many topics, People can comment on each video or blog about others

Searching, Has a search engine to find a video on any desired topic, Uses tags to make it easier for the user to find the video they need

Blogging Sites

Blogger, Free blog publishing, One of the most popular places to blog and share your thoughts with the world, Create a blog with text, photos, links, and video

Technorati, Search engine, Journal-like, chronological-dated entries or posts, 1.5 Billion Blogs


Network with friends

Personal Profiles, Add pictures and videos on the profile page, Personal information, Activities, hobbies, music, age

Blogs and Groups, Can update bulletins as a blog too, You can subscribe to other blogs and get notified when updated

Music Pages, Special pages for music artists, You can get a music player and upload your own music on it

Instant Messenger, Chat with friends who are online


Delicious, Save bookmarks and share them with friends, Save the bookmarks on your account so they can be accessed on any computer, Search tool to find other bookmarked items, Tags to help find bookmarks, Saved bookmarks are on your account and can be accessed on any computer

Digg, Vote for stories on popularity, Ranks the sstories people have voted on, Gives the members a voice to share their views, SHows the most read stories and sites

Web 2.0


You can create and personalize an avatar

You can use them on your blog or profile

Voice can be added

RSS Feeds

Publishes updated works

Keeps track of new information

Helps subscribers know when a website has update information

Google Reader

Checks favorite sites for blogs and updates

Share with friends

Can be used anywhere and for free

Social Networks



Media Sharing


Document Sharing

Google Docs


Social News