Input & Output

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Input & Output by Mind Map: Input & Output

1. Input Devices

1.1. Input Devices take in data from hardware components.

1.2. Examples of input devices are a mouse, a keyboard, or a joystick.

2. Benefits of Output Devices

2.1. The benefits of output devices would be the availability of seeing all of your documents and files on screen. Along with that, you have the availability to print or scan documents that you feel are important to keep and look at later.

3. Output Devices

3.1. Output Devices send finished information through the computer.

3.2. Examples of output devices are a printer, scanner, or monitor.

4. Benefits of Input Devices

4.1. The benefits of input devices send messages directly into the computer signaling the computer do a certain form of action whether it is to move the cursor, show the keys in which you are typing on screen, or to move an animated character from left to right.

5. Challenges of Input Devices

5.1. The challenges of input devices would be learning how they operate whether it is dragging a document from one area in the computer to the next or learning how to use the right click of the mouse for reasons such as deleting, saving, copying, and printing.

6. Challenges of Output Devices

6.1. The challenges of output devices would be learning how to properly install the equipment so that they would be able to receive every signal that is sent to them directly from the computer such as setting your printer or scanner as default. Along with that, you would need to know what to do in situations where your output devices aren't working properly as they should.

7. Input Devices in Application to Learning

7.1. When it comes to learning, input devices can serve as great tools when students need to do online research, practice their typing speed, work on a document, or simply to play a learning game on the computer.

8. Output Devices in Application to Learning

8.1. When it comes to learning, output devices can serve as great tools when students need to print out or scan a work that they've done after viewing it on screen.