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Ecology by Mind Map: Ecology
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\"Ecology is the science by which we study how organisms interact in and with the natural word\" Ricklefs, The Economy of Nature (2008). Also see Box1.1 in Townsend et al's Essentials of Ecology:\"the scientific study of the distribution and abundance of organisms and the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance.\"



Aquatic, Freshwater, Lakes and Ponds, Streams and Rivers, Springs, Ephemeral ponds, Euryhaline, Saltwater, Oceans, Lakes

Terrestrial, Arctic, Taiga, Tundra, Glaciers/ice, Temperate, Desert, Forests, Deciduaous, Coniferous, Chapparal, Shrubland, Grassland, Short grass steppe, Tall grass steppe, Tropical, Wet forest, Dry forest, Cloud forest


Radiation, Shortwave, Direct, Earth-sun geometry, Scattered, Reflected, Longwave

Precipitation, Gradients, Altitude, Latitude, Continental

Temperature, Gradients, Aquatic, Ocean Currents, Lakes, Depth, Edge, Terrestrial, Altitude, Latitude

Feedbacks, positive, negative


Biological Hierarchy

See Ricklefs, EoN, chapter 1 See Townsend et al, EoE, ch.1.

Individuals, Behavior, Foraging, Social, Territoriality, Mating, Movement, Thermoregulation, Physiology, Linked mass-energy budgets, Respiration, Metabolic scaling, Photorespiration, Photosynthesis, C3, C4, CAM, Digestion, Evaporation/transpiration, Morphology, Body size, Biomechanics, Locomotion, Sprint speed, Endurance, Life history, Demography, Survivorship, Curves, Type I, Type II, Type III, Reproduction, Timing, Semelparity, Iteroparity, Fecundity, Mode, Sexual, Asexual, Quantitative genetics, Allocation, Life cycle

Populations, Evolution, Selection, Artificial, Natural, Differential survivorship, Differential reproduction, Sexual selection, Genetic drift, Gene flow, Mutation, Dynamics through time, Theory, Density dependent, Logistic growth, Discrete, Continuous, Density independent, Exponential growth, Discrete, Continuous, Structured growth, Age structure, Stage structure, Leslie projection, Patterns, Population cycles, Distributions through space, Source-sink dynamics, Fragmentation

Communities, Stability, Succession, Disturbance, Alternative community states, Diversity, Patterns, Gradients, Global, Tropics versus Temperate, Island biogeography, Properties, Measurement, Richness, Eveness, Indices, Species richness, Simpson's index, Shannon's index, Scale, alpha, beta, gamma, Interactions, Competition, Types, Interference, Exploitative, Theory, Lotka-Volterra dynamics, Experiments, Predation, Food web dynamics, Functional responses, Mutualism, Parasitism, Disease

Ecosystems, Processes, Stoichiometry, Material cycles, water, carbon, nitrogen, Energy flow, Services, Pollination, Water, Degradation of materials


Economics & Society

See Ricklefs, EoN, chapter 27


Renewable, Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Biological, Algae, Crops, Switchgrass, Corn, Sugarcane

Non-renewable, Nuclear, Uranium, Plutonium, Carbon-based, Petrolium, Oil, Deisel, Gasoline, Natural gas, Coal

Urban planning






Ecosystem function

Resource management, Restoration, Preservation, Invasives

Food and Agriculture


Farming, Land use, Fertilizers, Genetically modified organisms

Disease & Public health

Human Disease

Wildlife disease