The Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower by Mind Map: The Eiffel Tower

1. Structure Type

1.1. The structure type is a frame structure

2. Purpose

2.1. The purpose of the Eiffel tower is to mark the 100-year anniversary of the french revolution

3. Function

3.1. The Eiffel tower is a tourist attraction and a communication tower

4. form

4.1. The Eiffel tower is a combination structure. It is a frame structure because it is made out of iron and its not solid. It is a shell structure because people can go inside it and it also holds other objects that are inside it.

5. external force

5.1. The external forces that effect the Eiffel tower could be wind, rain, snow, the sun,etc

6. how it support load

6.1. The Eiffel tower is able to support loads because it has a wide foundation, and the materials that are used are very strong.

7. center of gravity

7.1. the Eiffel tower has a wide base causing the weight to be more concentrated near the bottom which makes the center of gravity lower

8. Internal force

8.1. The internal force that is acting on it is compression because when objects and people are inside the weight pushes down on it.