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Personas by Mind Map: Personas


1.1. FAQ

1.1.1. Random LinkedIn Request Tag: LinkedIn If not LinkedIn but still Unknown

1.2. SOP

1.2.1. Check their linkedin profile before forwarding to Hugh or whoever Senior Frogs. Check website, pages, blogs and the like. Ask for details

1.3. Person Tag:

2. STARTUPS (Do I qualify for your Programs?)

2.1. Wantapreneurs

2.1.1. FAQ I want to have my own business / startup

2.1.2. SOP Ask them about their idea and determine if they're qualified for Discover

2.2. Team Founders

2.2.1. FAQ i have a startup myself in digital media where i wanna join your network for fund raising, startups investing, mentoring and joint ventures. Prima Media is founded in 2012 and we are looking be a fully integrated media company here in Singapore starting from digital media. We will do this by also leveraging on great products built by great minds running great startups. Looking forward to hearing from you.

2.2.2. SOP Ask them about their idea and determine if they're qualified for Discover or Accelerate

2.3. Lone Founders

2.3.1. Possible Changes: "Completing JFDI Discover is also currently the way we are accepting teams into our next JFDI Accelerate batch, which we run three times a year with the next one targeted to start in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

2.3.2. FAQ Wants to create his/her own startup I'm a web developer and looking to set up some startup here in the country.

2.3.3. SOP Ask them about their idea and determine if they're qualified for Discover or Accelerate. Invite to

3. JFDI CAREERS (I want a role at JFDI)

3.1. Applicant with CV

3.1.1. forward to Meeann FAQ Applicant sent his/her application letter with CV Currently I am interested in opportunities to join an enthusiastic team offering training and development programs for start-ups. Organization that offers new challenges and room for innovative thinking and ideas generation together with the opportunity to realize them. Opportunity to realize oneself and be part of something bigger, is what keeps me going. I am eager to use, test and sharpen my project management and marketing skills in order to contribute to JFDI Asia's success. In my search I am flexible and open to all opportunities that may arise. SOP Persona Tag:

3.2. Internship

3.2.1. forward to Meeann FAQ E.g.: My name is William Lian currently a 1st year international undergraduate at the University of Liverpool UK. I would like to inquire if you guys are taking in any interns from the period of July to September. I personally feel that this internship opportunity is a very good foundation for me. Having been brought up in a business oriented family it has always been an interest in mine to constantly think of new business ideas and one of them was to go into the business of chemical recycling since my family is in the line of chemical trading. Some ideas of mine in the past have been outrageous and some require huge amount of risk and capital. I was hoping by landing a placement in your company perhaps i can further develop my entrepreneur skills and perhaps make a contribution to your growing organisation. Attached above is my resume please review. SOP Persona Tag:

3.3. Mentor

3.3.1. FAQ E.g: I want to be a mentor

3.3.2. SOP Forward to Maryanne Tag: Careers Tag: Potential Mentor

3.3.3. Persona Tag:

4. PEOPLE SELLING STUFF (Buy my stuff)

4.1. Tech Vendors

4.1.1. FAQ E.g: We are an INDIA based Bespoke Web Application Development Company and serving clients all across the globe. We have a dedicated team of 40+ experienced designers, developers and SEO experts. In Graphic/Flash/3D designs, we thrive on the idea that design makes a difference. We can provide you with a fresh, professional image and unique LOOK & FEEL via a recognizable trademark or logo design.

4.1.2. SOP Politely decline

4.2. Consultants or Financial services

4.2.1. FAQ E.g.: Dear JFDI, Happy Chinese New Year! This is Derrick here from CIMB Bank Commercial Banking. I am wondering if i could possibly send you a summary of what we have to offer here for our company accounts. I believe that our interest bearing accounts and low charges for transactions can benefit the many start-ups nurtured by you in the long run. I look forward to your kind reply via email or you may contact me @ 98517868.

4.2.2. SOP Politely decline

4.2.3. Persona Tag:

4.3. Lawyers, Accountants, and the like

4.3.1. FAQ

4.3.2. SOP Politely decline

4.3.3. Persona Tag:

5. PEOPLE WHO WANTS MONEY (I want money)

5.1. Wrong people, wrong stage

5.1.1. FAQ Can you invest in my business? E.g.: A short project for performant investments Society: Cardoil Avantaj; Activity Objects: Selling fuel products (oil, gasoline, etc.)/ transport services; Achieved Objective: Creating a selling mechanism without risks and without competition; Proposed objectives: we own three projects for implementing other commercial products facing the competition, which can create a monopole in Romania on the freight transport market and on the selling fuel market. Percentage gross profit: 5% per month Turnover in 2014: 45.000.000 lei Profit in 2014: 447.000 lei Currency: 1eur = 4.45 lei

5.1.2. SOP Check for stage If stage is still at ideation Check industry If industry is totally unrelated or our of our space like farming, politely decline.

6. PEOPLE AIMING TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY (How do I join the Community)

6.1. Open House

6.1.1. FAQ E.g.: Hi JFDI, I like to express my interest to attend this evening's open house. E.g.: Hi, is there that event happenning this evening? Can I join?

6.1.2. SOP Check their availability If travelling, make sure it falls on a Friday. If they're available, invite to Open House Use SOP: Always check if the sender is VIP or not, if he/she is a VIP, alert Fannie.

6.2. Open Frog

6.2.1. FAQ I'm interested to share my ideas I'm looking for technical co-founder

6.2.2. SOP Always answer their questions point by point and introduce them to Open Frog

6.3. Delegations, Visits or Tours

6.3.1. FAQ E.g.: To Whom It May Concern, HI, I am Peggy Tan, and I am writing on behalf of MBA students of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. We are planning a business study trip fron Taipei to Singapore, and we are recently introduced to your very interesting Friday night event by one of our graduated senior from Singapore.

6.3.2. SOP Ask them their availability and invite to Open House

7. PARTNERSHIPS (Be my Partner)

7.1. Sponsorships for events

7.1.1. FAQ Inviting us to be a sponsor E.g.: The Tiger’s Lair: Entrepreneurship challenge Dear Mr Hugh Mason, Looking for an international media platform for your greatest entrepreneur member to shine? The Economist’s fourteenth annual Innovation Awards, the only awards presented by the newspaper, will be celebrated and presented at the Innovation Awards and Summit in Hong Kong on October 14th 2015. Global innovators will attend the event to receive their awards and talk about the personal story behind their winning innovations. As part of The Innovation Awards & Summit 2015, The Economist Events is hosting The Tiger’s Lair: Entrepreneurship challenge to highlight some of Asia’s most promising entrepreneurs who are ready to introduce their business ideas to a wider audience. The call for entries is open until July 15th.

7.1.2. SOP If it involves money, we politely decline.

7.1.3. Persona Tag:

7.2. Corporates

7.2.1. FAQ E.g.: Hi, I would like to address you on behalf of SCECHAM ( - Central European Chamber of Commerce and give you my kind regards. SCECHAM is cooperating with startups and innovative (R&D) companies in Slovakia and it is taking the place of search for potential business partners on the Asian market for them. We would be very glad, if you will be interested in cooperation with SCECHAM in the matter of searching for investors or helping companies to expand into Asian market. We have got several tens of selected projects – databank, which we consider insteresting considering analysis of the Asian market. Projects passed selection in startupawards or entrepreneur commissions in this region and they are in various ecosystem phases. We would be very pleased, if we can find reliable and strong partner in Singapore, that would be ongoing part of this process, from Europe to Asia. Yours faithfully, Jana Zilcay

7.2.2. SOP Ask Alena if she's interested; if she's interested introduce her to the sender. If not, politely decline

7.2.3. Persona Tag:

7.3. Academic Request

7.3.1. FAQ Universities or Schools who want to partner with JFDI

7.3.2. SOP Ask Alena if she's interested; if she's interested introduce her to the sender. If not, politely decline

7.3.3. Persona Tag:

7.4. Email Blasts

7.4.1. FAQ

7.4.2. SOP Read the content of the message and ignore if necessary. If needed forward the email to concerned person who might be interested.

7.5. Consultants

7.5.1. FAQ Query about partnership possibilities E.g.: I am writing in to inquire about partnership opportunities on behalf of my client. I like to check if there is a possibility to plan an event targeting startups, with a tie up to JFDI where JFDI help to drive event marketing and RSVPs for the event my client plan? Or if there is any event that JFDI is planning which targets at startups?

7.5.2. SOP Forward to Alena and ask her if she's interested, if YES. introduce them to each other. If NOT, politely decline.

7.5.3. Persona Tag:

8. MEDIA (Help my Media or Events)

8.1. Startup to pitch

8.1.1. FAQ Ask them details, the benefits to JFDI. (Make a customized one. Please refer to some templates)

8.1.2. SOP Check the message and decide if it's relevant to us or if someone is interested. Ask concerned person if necessary

8.1.3. Persona Tag:

8.2. Media invitation

8.2.1. FAQ Media who want to have a partnership with us

8.2.2. SOP Check the email and forward it to Alena or whoever is concerned person who might be interested

8.3. Interviews

8.3.1. FAQ E.g. As part of this work, we’d like to schedule a time to speak with you about JFDI.Asia, how you measure success, and on the broader economic benefits and challenges associated with business accelerators in your country. If you could provide a couple of windows to speak for 30-45 minutes over the next couple of weeks, we’ll do our best to coordinate a time that is convenient for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

8.3.2. SOP Forward the email to the JFDI staff they want to talk to and confirm if they're interested. If NOT, politely decline

8.4. Speaking invitations

8.4.1. FAQ E.g.: Dear Hugh, Hope you are doing great. Writing this to invite you to Speak @ The August Fest, India's fastest growing Startup Conference that celebrates arts and entrepreneurship. In 2014 we hosted about 2500+ participants including amazing speakers, investors, workshops and 50+ startup demos.

8.4.2. SOP Forward the email to the JFDI staff they want to talk to.

8.5. Content to Syndicate

8.5.1. ask fannie and/or timmy: Tag: Media and Events

9. INVESTORS (Can I/How do I invest?)

9.1. Startup Investors

9.1.1. FAQ E.g.: I am interested in investing in JFDI batch of startups. Are you guys taking new investments at this point? Thanks! E.g.: We are exploring in making direct investments into your portfolio companies and also are interested to take a stake in your accelerator fund.

9.1.2. SOP Forward to Chiah Li and confirm with her if she's interested

9.2. JFDI Investors

9.2.1. FAQ

9.2.2. SOP Forward to Chiah Li and confirm with her if she's interested

10. What How Why.... JFDI X Program

10.1. Discover

10.1.1. FAQ E.g.: I would like to know about your Discover program?

10.1.2. SOP Explain about Discover Program

10.2. Interested in Accelerate Program

10.2.1. FAQ E.g.: What is Accelerate Program?

10.2.2. SOP Explain what is accelerate program

10.3. Interested in EIR Program

10.3.1. FAQ E.g.: I got a brochure for your JFDI EIR program and I am very interested in it. Wondering if a new cohort will be starting soon and if I can be part of it. This came highly recommended by my Bain colleague (who has since returned to europe) Thank you!

10.3.2. SOP Explain about our EIR Program (see brochures via Google Drive)

10.4. Potential Participants

10.4.1. FAQ You're writing because ...: JFDI could help a startup How can we help?: We are a group of engineers (Amazon and ex-Amazon) who are working on sharing based chat - A user can share common things like event ticket, bills, restaurant location with his chat group. We were interested in talking about the components we have written and also the general feedback.

10.4.2. SOP Explain about our Programs, whichever is applicable.