Characteristics of Biomes

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Characteristics of Biomes by Mind Map: Characteristics of Biomes

1. Tropical Rain Forest

1.1. immense amount of rain

1.2. seasonally warm

1.3. dense vegetation

2. Savanna

2.1. dry, lack of rain

2.2. open grassland, not many trees

3. Taiga

3.1. cold, abundant snowfall

3.2. dense evergreen forests

4. Tundra

4.1. frozen, extremely cold

4.2. short shrubs and grasses

5. Temperate Forest

5.1. lots of rainfall and humidity

5.2. trees, plants and shrubs thrive in summer

5.3. plants dormant in winter

6. Desert

6.1. dry, little rainfall

6.2. cold or hot

6.3. shrubs and cactuses