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Clientology by Mind Map: Clientology

1. High Ticket Sales System

1.1. Ads

1.1.1. Because of the high margins, traffic will never be a problem.

1.1.2. Run FB ads to your landing page.

1.1.3. Sell the benefit. Not the phone call.

1.2. Landing page

1.2.1. Simple / optimizepress webinar invitation page.

1.2.2. Again sell the benefits, not the phone call.

1.3. Automated webinar

1.3.1. Use stealthseminar to set the automated webinar up.

1.3.2. Create your webinar using our Breathaking Webinar Formula

1.4. Enrollment Conversation

1.4.1. Use the doctor frame. You are the doctor in control, leading the conversation. They are the patient with a problem that's giving the sleepless nights. You find the symptoms, diagnose and position your program as the solution.

1.4.2. Follow the CLOSER! script inside Clientology (We provide our clients with a word-by-word flowchart that works flawlessly)

1.4.3. Greetings

1.4.4. Set the stage

1.4.5. Find out Heaven and WHY they want it

1.4.6. Find Hell and what it's costing them

1.4.7. Position your coaching program as the solution

1.4.8. Is it Visa or Mastercard?

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3. Charge PREMIUM

3.1. WRONG: Charge based on time or effort invested

3.1.1. Consulting $100 (even more) per an hour creates an invisible glass ceiling on your income levels

3.1.2. If you charge based on time or the amount of information you put out there, you will stay cheap.

3.1.3. Here’s the trick. It’s not about INFORMATION. It’s about TRANSFORMATION.

3.2. CORRECT: Charge based on the VALUE you can deliver.

3.2.1. Doesn't matter how you deliver it, whether it's 1-on-1 or group workshop style. The point is that the client gets results. If you get the RESULTS YOU DESIRED, does it really matter if you got it from 1 on 1 coaching or a group workshop? No, it doesn't.

3.2.2. An hour long relationship consultation VS. saving a marriage? The only difference is the price tag. $100 VS. Priceless <-- this is where you can charge $5,000+ fees. Just shift your focus from time and effort to the VALUE of their horrible problem getting solved.

4. Leverage TIME


4.1.1. Take 1 problem you can solve

4.1.2. Split it up into 6-12 milestones These milestones should be the bridge that gets the client from where they are, to the place they want to be. This is the TRANSFORMATION. Make sure you structure in logical order

4.1.3. Teach 1 milestone per week, accompanied by a Q&A session for the next 6-12 weeks. Have a private group (skype, fb) where they can reach out to you and your team to get more help. Essentially, you want to have a training session, a Q&A session and a facebook group. You can then turn the training session recordings and use it as a members area training, or create the training in advance and host only the Q&A sessions.

4.1.4. Make sure everyone is taking action.

5. Mindset


5.1.1. NEVER compromise your values.

5.1.2. NEVER let a client do anything that's not in their best interest.

5.1.3. And on the rare instance when you can’t help someone, TELL them. Even if they are ready to hand you $5,000, $10,000 in cash, it is YOUR responsibility to refuse it, if you know that it's not a good fit.

5.1.4. This goes way beyond "just not lying". It comes down to raising your standards. Making decisions as if your business was the BEST in it's market and acting according to that.

5.2. The Principle of The MIRROR

5.2.1. It doesn't matter how good your marketing is. There is NO escaping cause-and-effect.

5.2.2. If you want to attract decisive clients, you need to BE decisive. If you want to attract clients who are willing to pay a premium price to grow their business, or be healthier, or get results, then YOU better do the same.

5.2.3. It's all about RAISING STANDARDS and living up to your new ideal.