Types of trees

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Types of trees by Mind Map: Types of trees

1. Maple tree

1.1. Maple trees are used to produce maple syrup, mostly the Sugar maple is used.

1.1.1. Maple trees can grow to be up to 10 meters in height! These trees are mostly found in the northeast and produce beautiful colors during autumn time

2. Oak Tree

2.1. 600 living species of oak tree

2.1.1. A lot of furniture is made out of oak wood; the wood found in these trees is very hard Most oak trees lost all of their leaves during autumn and are mostly found in the north east

3. Pine Tree

3.1. Pine trees can grow to be up to 75 feet tall in the United States. The tallest is the Red Pine

3.1.1. The oldest pine tree is over 4,600 years old and is located in Great Basin park in Nevada Pine trees have shallow roots and benefit from a thick layer of mulch

4. Palm Tree

4.1. Most Palms feature tall, cylindrical trunks that look very similar to a columns or pillars

4.1.1. Palm trees are found mostly in the south and need warm climates to survive They keep their leaves year round and their leaves stay green

5. Willow tree

5.1. Both weeping willows and corkscrew willows display green leaves that turn yellow during the fall

5.1.1. The most common type of willow tree is the weeping willow which gets it's name from its drooping leaves Not the most common type of tree but very well known and popular. Most willows are purchased and used in landscaping for design purposes.

6. Bonsai Tree

6.1. Although they originated from Japan, Bonsai trees can now be found in other Asain countries like China, Vietnam, and Thailand

6.1.1. Bonsai trees are considered "miniature trees" and are extremely small Bonsai trees are available for purchase in the United States and are very well known