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What do you want from social media? by Mind Map: What do you want from social media?
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What do you want from social media?

Sharing information, but in a constrained way

Find new customers

Gain more customers, awareness

Gain a wider audience

Establish a comfortable presence - personal brand

Increase market share, find people with similar interests, increase revenue


Narrowing our focus, targeting

Increase attendance at events

Maintain contact with people anywhere in the world, know things about the world through the vision of others

Build closer relationships with consumers, have consumers create content, use influence

Create a personality for the business, give people more of an idea of who we are

Create a dialogue around literature/authors, drive interest

Engage alumni and donors

Adapt to new technologies - e.g. ereaders

Friendlier way of adapting social media sites, integrating them

Create a forum to connect w/interact w audiences, staff, while reducing resources

Understand it as part of career transition

Establish ourselves as industry leaders

Define a personality for the way I share info

Make it easier for others to find my message

Establish ourselves as best-practices people

Using it to remain competitive

Express my creativity

Gain trust of stakeholders

Generate publicity for paintings/video work, raise awareness of issues

encourage dialogue

Generate lists for marketing