Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing by Mind Map: Standardized Testing

1. Background

1.1. What is standardized testing?

1.2. MEAP

2. Postives

2.1. Gives teachers an outline of what to teach.

2.2. Shows parents where there child is at academically

2.3. Shows where different schools stand as far as if they are choosing what school to send their child to.

3. Negatives

3.1. Teaching only material on test

3.2. Teachers losing jobs because of inadequate scores.

3.3. Lessening of recess

3.3.1. Negative impact Emotional Social Academic well being

4. No Child Left Behind

4.1. federal and state initiatives of higher student achievement, stronger public schools and a better-prepared teacher workforce.

4.2. Pros

4.2.1. Accountability Standards

4.2.2. Requires school improvement

4.2.3. Measures educational growth and closes the gap between races

4.2.4. Requires schools to provide quality education.

4.2.5. Allows parents to see where there children are at.

4.3. Cons

4.3.1. Underfunding of NCLB

4.3.2. Teaching to the test

4.3.3. Higher teacher standards Teacher have to take tests More money into education

5. Alternatives

5.1. Digital Portfolio

5.1.1. Track students progress through a portfolio

5.2. Cloze Testing

5.2.1. A paragraph with every nth word removed and the student have to fill in the correct word.