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Should medical science always seek to prolong life? by Mind Map: Should medical science always seek to prolong life?
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Should medical science always seek to prolong life?


Medical science developing in all-rounded approach? Rather than just putting all the focus on the goal of prolonging life and losing sight on the fact that there can be adverse consequences -> death becoming an impersonal, detached, technological experience? Essentially, the imperative of medical science should always be to improve the quality of life of the patients, thereby ensuring that they can live their lives as much as per normal.


State your stand:

Define key terms:

Objectives of medical science other than prolonging life

Improving quality of life

Prevention of disease


Medical science should not always seek to prolong life, consider other objectives

It might lead to arise of ethical issues. e.g.Preimplantation genetic diagnosis -- a pretty hot new biotechnological technique has been used in UK recently to produce the first embryo thats free of a breast cancer gene.The child is in some way getting a prolonged life, due to a lesser chance of breast cancer. Nevertheless,in such cases,is there some kind of slippery slope being set up?is this paving the way for us to select the child to have other traits too? Is this playing God?

Artficially prolong life to satisfy selfish human wants? Prolonging life can be one of the objectives in medical science if referring to finding cures

Objectives of medical science to prolong life

Prolonging life artificially provides opportunities for long term sustained research so as to develop a cure