Ch. 4 - Diversity in community media Australia

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Ch. 4 - Diversity in community media Australia by Mind Map: Ch. 4 - Diversity in community media Australia

1. Community broadcasting

1.1. Education Stations

1.2. Fine Music Stations

1.3. Radio for Print Handicapped

1.4. Ethnic Radio

1.5. Geographic Community stations

1.6. Radical Stations

1.7. Indigenous Radio and television

2. Diversity

2.1. Is confusing because it makes it difficult to identify what is occurring in the community media sector

2.1.1. making its benefits and achievements hard to identify

2.2. community broadcasting does not fit comfortably with government ideas of a dense and varied cultural citizenry

3. Indigenous radio and television

3.1. Made possible by satellite broadcasting

3.2. Fear - what will the cultural (aboriginal) impact be?

3.2.1. "people sitting in bush will suddenly see things they've never seen before"

3.2.2. the oldest living culture in the world will be destroyed

3.3. Solution to fear

3.3.1. Department of Aboriginal Affairs commissioned a report Introduce satellite television, radio reception and rebroadcasting facilities to remote aboriginal communities as a means for them to control their own media

4. "Community"

4.1. when it's described it carries with it a set of values and characteristics

4.2. culturally it's associated with:

4.2.1. amateurism

4.2.2. political

4.2.3. authentic

4.2.4. social concern

4.2.5. welfare

4.2.6. therapy

4.2.7. worthy

5. Community television

5.1. Pirate television centers established by indigenous remote areas

5.2. 10 independent video access centers provided communities with access to video production

5.3. Community television for regional areas will not be realized until legislative changes are made

6. Funding

6.1. Provided by the Community Broadcasting Foundation

6.1.1. Grants

6.1.2. core funding

6.2. Volunteers

6.2.1. attracts more than 20 thousand on a regular basis

6.2.2. contributes approx. $AU2.79 million in unpaid work hours per week

7. Legislature

7.1. Community broadcasters are described as...

7.1.1. not operated for profit

7.1.2. not as part of a profit-making enterprise

7.1.3. as being provided for community purposes