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PRINCE2® Agile - Official Agile extension to PRINCE2® by Mind Map: PRINCE2® Agile - Official Agile extension to PRINCE2®
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PRINCE2® Agile - Official Agile extension to PRINCE2®

Interactive PRINCE2 Agile® Glossary

Interactive PRINCE2 Agile® Glossary

Classic PRINCE2® structure

Strona 6

PRINCE2® method has 4 integrated elements

"Magic number 7"

What PRINCE2® does not provide?

This freeware, non-commercial mind map (aligned with the newest version of PRINCE2® Agile) was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement as well for promotion the PRINCE2® Agile method and as a learning tool for candidates wanting to gain PRINCE2® Agile qualification. (please share, like and give feedback - your feedback and comments are my main motivation for further elaboration. THX!)

Questions / issues / errors? What do you think about my work? Your comments are highly appreciated. Feel free to visit my website:

PRINCE2® Agile consists of: 7 Principles, 7 Themes, 7 Processes, 5 Agile Behaviours, 10 Project Roles, 4 Quality Assurance Roles, 2 Techniques, 2 Procedures, 3 Budget Types, 5 Project Factors, 6 Project Performance Factors (effectiveness aspects), 26 Management Products (divided on 3 types)

PRINCE2® Agile - an Agile extension to one of the most popular project management methodologies - PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® Agile describes how to configure and tune PRINCE2® with Agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques. It gives a guidance for project managers and leaders to incorporate Agile into classic PRINCE2 environment. PRINCE2® Agile is one of the 12 recognized globally and practically proven management standards from AXELOS® Global Best Practice family of UK standards.

PRINCE2® Agile was published in 06.2015.

How PRINCE2® Agile fits into AXELOS® Global Best Practices family of UK standards.

AXELOS® Global Best Practices family of standards from UK.

Since 2000 the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), former owner of PRINCE2® (and other Best Management Practices) has been the custodian of the portfolio on behalf of UKG. In June 2010 as a result of UKG reorganisation the Minister for the Cabinet Office announced that the PRINCE2® functions have moved into Cabinet Office.

Agile fundamentals

Agile Manifesto

Agile Alliance

Agile currently is buzzword, a marketing term

The Agile Mindset, Values and Principles

Agile is a umbrella term enclosing different methodologies, tools, techniques, practices and frameworks

Plan-Driven Projects vs. Change-driven Project Projects

Agile is best for complex projects

Agile is about delivering "best possible value" not maximum possible value

Agile is about focusing on business value / outcome, not strictly project plan / output

Agile respects the urgency and importance of priorities conveyed by the customer / user, most prominently by incremental delivery and flexible sequencing

Agile respects the common sense that all requirements can not be known at the outset, particularly when the outcomes are intangible and subject to an evolving understanding.

Agile is about empowering people, treating them as intellectual individuals

Agile is about working closely and constantly (active two side collaboration) with customer throughout (including more than just feedback loops)

Agile is about change, constant change which leads to better value

Agile thinking / approach often requires mind change and cultural shift

Why Agile Works

PRINCE2® Agile Behaviours (5)



Rich communication



PRINCE2® Agile cake (a.k.a. layered cake)

PRINCE2® Agile cake represents the three levels of a project and the important point of the metaphor is that both PRINCE2® and agile have their strengths and we need to play to those strengths

PRINCE2® is kept on top

Agile at the bottom

The middle layer in between them is where the two actually mix

PRINCE2® Agile structure

PRINCE2® has the name to be waterfall method, but is in origin very agile:

Above classic PRINCE2 structire, PRINCE2 Agile touches (on different level of details):

PRINCE2® Agile Hexagon

Previous version of PRINCE2 varies time and cost whereas agile does not - therefore they could have been said in the past to be incompatible.







PRINCE2® Agile Official publications

Copyright © AXELOS Limited.


PRINCE2® Agile Agilometer

The task of Agilometer is to best estimate different areas of risk when applying Agile project management.

The Agilometer consists of six key areas to be used in the assessment of the application of agile within the project.

This Agliometer is comparable with the agile project questionnaire from DSDM® or AgilePM®.

The six key areas are:

PRINCE2® Agile Targets (5)

They introduce a way of thinking which, although common in agile, are perhaps not always at the forefront of more traditional project management approaches.

1. Be on time and hit deadlines

2. Protect the level of Quality

3. Embrace change

4. Keep teams stable

5. Accept that the customer doesn’t need everything

PRINCE2® Agile Guidance Points (8)

1. PRINCE2 (2009 version) is already enabled for use with Agile

2. PRINCE2 is suitable for any style of project and is not a 'traditional' project management approach as is typically contrasted to Agile

3. PRINCE2 Agile is for any project and not just for IT projects

4. IT only' frameworks and techniques are mentioned in PRINCE2 Agile but not extensively

5. There is much more to Agile than the Scrum framework. Agile is not Scrum

6. The most 'commonly used' Agile approaches are Scrum and Kanban, but they are not suitable for managing a project in isolation. However, they can be effectively used in a project context.

7. The term Agile (in this manual) refers to a family of behaviours, concepts, frameworks, and techniques

8. Using Agile on a project is not a question of 'yes or no'. It is about 'how much'