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MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 3 by Mind Map: MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 3
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MPI NL Conference 2015 Evenemens keynote 3

biggest misunderstanding

cut human being in rational part and for the rest at home

belly dancing

push the hips outside

movement is important

humans have authenticity

balance between masculine and feminine qualities

elements are important

too much focus on rational/ analytics


from Tunesia

well organised

moved to Europe

outside world is dominated by masculinity

to succeed as women: you need to have masculine qualities


who wears a dress?

who is a rebel/ idiot?

who thinks his/ her neighbour is an idiot?

Kaouthar Darmoni

Kaouthar Darmoni, University of AmsterdamWhy do we want to masculinize women and feminize men? Why do we prize the power of the brain and mock the power of the guts? Kaouthar Darmoni ( is the founder of Feminine Capital & Goddess Dance organisation. She is also Assistant Professor in Gender Capital & Media at the University of Amsterdam, and a proliferous speaker about Feminine & Masculine Capital.    

human being behind event

professional with personal

human behind organisation

This mind map

Alexis van Dam (LiveMindMapper)

Will be live created during the keynote