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Research Tools by: Ehsan Taghizadeh by Mind Map: Research Tools by: Ehsan Taghizadeh
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Research Tools by: Ehsan Taghizadeh

Some part of this page, cited from Dear Dr Nader Ale Ebrahim mind map.

1- Key words

Google keyword tools

Word Tracker

Google Trends

Springer Real Time

social mention

Keyword map

Master keyword list

2- proper paper

Initial appraisal (ارزیابی اولیه)

Author, Google scholar, Publish or perish, Academic research Microsoft, Reader Meter, Web of Knowledge


Date of publication

Edition (چاپ), revision (تجدید نظر)

Title of journal and impact factor

Content analysis (تحلیل محتوا)

Content Search


Windows desktop search

Google desktop search

Copernic Desktop Search

3- نگارش پایان نامه/ مقاله Writing a thesis/ Paper

Writing/Editing tools

Spell checker, Spell checker, Spell check

Paraphrase, Contextual Thesaurus, Paraphrase Software, Academic Phrasebank, Paraphrasing Tool, The Best Spinner, Paraphrase self-test, Paraphrase Tool Online, Paraphrase self-test

Summarizing tools, Smmry, Free Summarizer, Online summarize tool, Microsoft Word 2007, Copernic Summarizer, ISCE, Summarizing long texts, Open Text Summarizer

Writing/Crammer tools, White Smoke Writer, White Smoke Writer Grammar Capabilities, Ginger, StyleWriter, Paper Rater, Springer Exampler, Microsoft Word

Reference managment


Microsoft Word



Comparison of reference management software

Plagiarism tools


Plagiarism checker


The Plagiarism checker



EVE2: Essay Verification Engine

4- Up to date - Time Reminder

Paper Alert

Google alert

Google scholar

Science direct

Springer link

Web of science

Conference Alerts

Conference alerts

All conference alerts

IEEE conference alerts

Economics conference directory

Wiki CFP

Time Reminder



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