World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. Most of people in India use Hinduism

1.2. They believe that a god or spirit can be thought of in many different ways.

1.3. Brahman was the god of all living things

1.4. Hindus believed in reincarnation or rebirth

1.5. The writing they used was called Sanskrit

1.6. Stories are myths, legends, and heroes that are told

1.7. The Great Soul taught tolerance toward other people

1.8. Some holidays that they celebrated are Divali, Holy, etc.

1.9. They ate all kinds of different foods on holidays

2. Buddhism

2.1. China, Japan, and Southwest Asia is where most Buddhism is used.

2.2. Sidarta was known as the Enlightened One.

2.3. Sidarta realized that there was sadness in the world.

2.4. Two important parts of Buddhism beliefs are the Four noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

2.5. They also believed in reincarnation and karma.

2.6. Munks simplify their lives and teach people about the beliefs of Buddhism.

2.7. They place spiritual flags outside of temples, and other spiritual places.

2.8. The lotus flower resembles enlightenment and is under the Brahman's throne.

2.9. Some holidays that they celebrated were Vesak, and etc.

2.10. A shrine is what they use in their home and where they prayed too.

3. Judaism

3.1. 1. Moses was known as the chosen leader for Jews.

3.2. 2. The Ten Commandments were very important in Judaism religious lives.

3.3. 3. The Torah is the story of the rules and interpretation for Jewish people.

3.4. 4. A temple shur, or sinigade are places where they go to pray, they go there on traditions, etc.

3.5. 5. A chanter is like a priest in temples

3.6. 6. Some holidays that they celebrate are Yun Kippor, Hanukkah, Passover, and more.

3.7. 7. A belief system based on monotheism- a belief in one god.

3.8. 8. The belief of the Ten Commandments came directly from God.

3.9. 9. The history of their relationship with God is told in first books of the bible.

3.10. 10. Judaism is the oldest organized religion still in practice today.

4. Islam

4.1. 1. There are more than one billion Muslims in the world today.

4.2. 2. They invented algebra and the first hospital.

4.3. 3. They worshiped in a Mask and the Imam was like the priest.

4.4. 4. They did not have social classes

4.5. 5. Most of the Islam population were Sunnis

4.6. 6. They mostly lived in Iran and Iraq

4.7. 7. Some of their holidays were called Ramadan, Eid-al-Fiter, etc.

4.8. 8. In a mask boys prayed on one side of the room and girls on the other side.

4.9. 9. Qur'en is their holy book that was written.

4.10. 10. Muslims believe if they live the way God wanted them to live, they would have a peaceful life.

4.11. They worshiped in a Mask and the Imam was like the priest.

5. Christian

5.1. 1. The followers of Jesus Christ are called Christians.

5.2. 2. Martin Luther protested against the church.

5.3. 3. Christianity is the largest religion in the whole entire world.

5.4. 4. The trinity is the belief of god being three people or spirits.

5.5. 5. The bible is the collection of all of the Christian beliefs.

5.6. 6. Places of Christian worship are sanctuaries.

5.7. 7. Some traditions are The Lord's Prayer

5.8. 8. Christmas is the most important holiday to Christians because it is the day that Jesus was born.

5.9. 9. Easter is another important holiday because it is when Jesus was resurrected.

5.10. 10. You are baptized when you are a baby.