Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations by Mind Map: Ancient Civilizations

1. hinduism

1.1. made up of many different civilizations

1.2. marry people in the same caste system

1.3. believe that there is more than 1 way to worship god

1.4. Deities/gods give good luck

1.5. plants and animals are sacred

1.6. all rivers are sacred

1.7. death is not ending or begining

1.8. reincarnation is being reborn

1.9. karma is when karma is good you can reach moksha and be out of the life cycle

1.10. is karma is bad you are a lower class of become an animal.

1.11. treat statues of gods as living beings

1.12. sometimes have shrines in there homes

1.13. Sanskrit and Vedas are oldest writing systems

1.14. Mahabharata is one of the longest poems

2. buddism

2.1. Buddhism started in napal

2.2. a prince was hidden from the outside world

2.3. what the prince found when he went out of is castle was pain and suffering

2.4. Siddhartha became enlightened when he gave up everything and meditated

2.5. 4 noble truths help Buddhists

2.6. the eight fold path is needed for buddists

2.7. Buddhism has 2 branches tabatha and madarbada

2.8. Tabatha can reach enlightenment by thereself

2.9. madarbada need help reaching enlightenment

2.10. life is a cycle born die born die

2.11. reincarnation is if you have a good life the next rebirth is good is you have a bad life then you get born an animal or insect.

2.12. 14th dalama was the best they ever had

2.13. the sanga,dahahorga and _______ are called the three jewls

2.14. dana is monks way of getting food they get food from people

3. Judaism

3.1. First monotheistic religion

3.2. Moses received the 10 commandments from god

3.3. diaspora was when Judaism expanded around the world

3.4. Torah is the Judaisms story of god

3.5. Talmud is gods law in a book easier to practice

3.6. synagogal are Judaism churches

3.7. Sabbath are worship days

3.8. rabbi is the teacher

3.9. Tara is something you wear with knots and bumps in it that represent 613 comandments

3.10. sabath is a day of holy and rest

4. Islam

4.1. Islam means surrender

4.2. hisra is when Mohammad traveled the desert

4.3. Muslims invented math called algebra

4.4. Shasta means the word of faith

4.5. salah means the daily prayer

4.6. zakat is the money sent to the poor

4.7. sawn is when Muslims dont eat until night

4.8. The hahba is an sign of gods promise to people

4.9. wudu is when you clean your hands before praying to god

4.10. iman means the person who is in charge of praying

4.11. nich is when the iman leads the praying

4.12. quan is the bible of islams

4.13. Arabic is the holy writing system

4.14. hadith are the words of moharma folowers

5. Christianity

5.1. worlds largest religion

5.2. Jesus was known by teaching people about god god

5.3. getting crusified is when you die on a cross

5.4. Resurrection is when you come back alive after you die

5.5. if you followed Jesus Christ then you were a christian

5.6. when Christians travel they bring Christianity with them

5.7. priests that own multiple churches are bishops

5.8. trinity is the belief that Jesus is made up of 3 people

5.9. Christianity split into 2 groups catholic and opmistic

5.10. the bible is many religious books put into 1

5.11. there is a old and new testimat in the bible

5.12. baptism is when you get cleaned of sin and be accepted as a Christian

5.13. 1 holy day for Christians is chrismas

5.14. easter represents jesus resurection