World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. Hinduism can be mainly found in India

1.2. They are a polytheistic religion they believe in many gods like shiva and vishnu

1.3. It divided people into four social classes called varnas

1.4. Many hindis believe in Brahmin

1.5. All rivers are very sacred and ecpiscally the Ganges River

1.6. Samsara is the circle of life

1.7. They believe in reincarnation

1.8. Karma is the thought of their actions

1.9. Moksha is the freedom of their soul

1.10. Some people have shrines in their house to worship their gods very frequently

2. Buddhism

2.1. 6% of the worldspopulation is Buddhism

2.2. Prince Sid Siddharth was a major help in The Buddhism religion

2.3. Meditation is a impotant thing to do it helps you relax

2.4. Thereavada and Mahayan are the main branches in Buddhism

2.5. Believe in the eight fold path

2.6. Also believe in the four noble turths

2.7. A famous quote they believe in is suffering is apart life and there is an end to suffering as well

2.8. Darma and Karma

2.9. Treat all being with compassion

2.10. dream to reach nirvana in their lifetime

3. Christinanity

3.1. Christanity is the most popular religion in the world it scattered across different continetns and countries

3.2. They believe Jesus is the messiah

3.3. They think that when Jesus died he rose from the earth because of God made him do these tasks

3.4. Use bibles

3.5. There are many different types of Christiananity used around the world Lutheran, Baptist, Christian,Catholic.

3.6. They recieve communians and bread know as the body of Christ and Wine which is the blood of Jesus is given to people at the church

3.7. Monotheistic (meaning we believe in one god and one god only)

3.8. Early Christians were called the atheists by the Romans

3.9. Praying is a important sacrament that many Christians do they are usually speaking to god when they pray

3.10. They have holy days of obligation throughout the year

4. Judaism

4.1. There is about 14 million jews in the world and about 5 million of the are in America

4.2. Monotheistic

4.3. Moses who is the chosen leader led this group of people out of Egypt for they could settle down and not to be slaves anymore

4.4. They have a deep belief in the Ten Commandments

4.5. Jerusulums temples were destroyed and built again many times

4.6. Hitler sent Jews to concentration camp this happened during the time of the holocaust when Hitler was the dictator of Germany and starting to overrule other countries as well

4.7. The Torah is the story of the Judaism religion

4.7.1. Jesus and Muslims worked side by side to create medicines

4.8. They believe it is important to be able to read the Hebrews

4.9. They gather at a place called the Synagon to pray

4.10. Jesus and Jews worked side by side to create medicines

5. Islam

5.1. There first type of worship was the Kabon

5.2. Discovered algebra

5.3. Wrote many scientific books about astronomy and their new technology

5.4. They say prayers five times everyday

5.5. The five pillars is a historical and very important place to the Islam religon

5.6. Its important to attend important religious ceremonies to worship God

5.7. Monotheistic

5.8. The followers of the Islam religion believe in one God, Allah and believe Muhammad was God's profit

5.9. The word Islam means surrender or Submission

5.10. Muhammad started preaching Islam around 610 B.C it is about 1400 years old