The Three Branches of Government

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The Three Branches of Government by Mind Map: The Three Branches of Government

1. Legislative Branch

1.1. Congress

1.1.1. House of Representatives Has 435 members

1.1.2. The Senate Has 100 members

1.2. Make, change and appeal the law

1.2.1. Bills are what become laws

2. Executive Branch

2.1. Who works there?

2.1.1. President President Powers

2.1.2. Vice President

2.1.3. Cabinet members

2.2. Carries out laws. Sees that laws are enforced.

3. Judicial Branch

3.1. Supreme Court

3.1.1. Highest court Supreme Court Justices

3.2. Federal Judges

3.3. Determine if any laws go against the constitution

3.4. Interpret and define what laws mean in certain cases

3.5. The Judicial Branch Powers

4. The Three Branches

5. The Three Branchs

6. Presidents Powers

6.1. Negotiates treaties with other countires

6.2. Represent America when dealing with foreign affairs

6.3. Commander of chief in armed forces

6.4. Makes sure laws are carried out

6.5. Negotiates treaties with other countries

7. Congress

7.1. Collect taxes

7.2. Create the lower federal courts

7.3. Borrow money and pay debts

7.4. Make any laws that are necessary and proper to carry out laws on the list