Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality by Mind Map: Net Neutrality

1. What is net neutrality?

1.1. Definition

1.2. What does net neutrality really do?

1.2.1. Protects our free speech

1.2.2. Provides open Internet

1.2.3. Ensures that everyone has an equal chance

1.2.4. Allows for diverse opinions and representation

1.2.5. Allows users to seek out information without being controlled

2. What is being said about net neutrality?

2.1. Tweets

2.1.1. Ravi Shankar Prasad ‏@rsprasad Apr 7 #Internet is one of the finest creations of human mind.It belongs to enitre humanity and not to a few. #NetNeutrality

2.1.2. Rahul Kapil ‏@rahulkapil Apr 6 No #NetNeutrality means no innovation. No #NetNeutrality means statusquo. Support the Neutrality of Internet in India

2.1.3. PENamerican ‏@PENamerican Feb 27 The #UnitedStates must lead in upholding #NetNeutrality & set the example for importance of free expression via @NPR

2.2. Facebook posts

2.2.1. "ISPs don't have the right to make choices over the way our bandwidth and content is distributed. If you think they do, then you must really hate the internet as it is now." -Bruno Surgeyovich

2.2.2. "The Net is the last frontier of freedom. Government regulation will do what it does to everything; the Net will cost more because the government will profit from its use and charge excessively in order to pay for other unrelated government programs. The combination of free markets and a wide open Net has brought innovation and an internet that is affordable and accessible by most of the developed World. All the government will do is screw the Net up by trying to make a buck off of other people’s hard work and brilliant ideas." - Stuart Long

2.3. Tumblr Post

2.3.1. what is net neutrality? what some of y'all think net neutrality means: GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER NO MORE INTERNET GOODBYE LIBERTY what net neutrality actually is: the government telling ISPs to back off a lil' bit so that they don't keep overcharging everyone and throttling internet service as they already have been proven to do

3. Who supports net neutrality?

3.1. President Barack Obama

3.2. The Federal Communications Commission

3.3. Netflix

3.4. Saturday Night Live

3.5. Mark Ruffalo

3.6. David Karp (Tumblr Founder)

3.7. Greenpeace

4. Who opposes net neutrality?

4.1. IBM

4.2. Intel

4.3. Qualcomm

4.4. Juniper

4.5. Cisco

4.6. Peter Thiel (Paypal Founder)

5. Why do people oppose net neutrality?

5.1. Government involvement

5.1.1. Government control

5.2. Lack of money and management for ISPs

5.3. Lack of protection for big companies