Intention-Manifestation in Action

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Intention-Manifestation in Action by Mind Map: Intention-Manifestation in Action

1. the process of manifesting

1.1. 1. form the intention

1.1.1. use imagination to make desired result as exciting / fun / interesting / ... as possible

1.2. 2. see it

1.2.1. use imagination to put yourself in the situation where your intention has already been manifested

1.2.2. involve as many senses as possible: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling

1.3. 3. feel it

1.3.1. feel how you would feel if what you imagined were already true

1.4. 4. stay there (focus on it)

1.4.1. do this for as long as you like, the longer the more energy you give it

1.5. 5. let go

1.5.1. stop focusing on the thing or the state... you have given it enough energy now

1.5.2. get yourself into a state where you can answer the question "if this would NOT manifest, would that hold me back from doing what I want to do, from having what I really want?" with "no, it wouldn't hold me back. If it doesn't manifest, then I will find and will be shown other ways in which I can have, do or be everything I truly want." that's a good definition of abundance, by the way: being able to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it knowing that you are always abundant helps trusting that in one way or another everything you truly desire you will get and trusting = not worrying about whether or not it will manifest

1.6. 6. listen for inner impulses

1.6.1. do this immediately after steps 1-5, see if you get inspired to some particular action "feeling inspired" would mean feeling one of these feelings when thinking about doing some particular thing or when the initial idea just pops into your mind... joy curiousity excitement

1.6.2. keep listening to your intuition about what to do for the time until your intention manifests

1.6.3. this is the way to understand which actions will take you to the manifestation of your desire most quickly and in the most enjoyable way possible

1.7. 7. do what you can to keep the right state

1.7.1. creative observation

1.7.2. abraham-hicks processes wouldn't it be nice if... segment-intending

1.7.3. regular use of affirmations just make sure you don't fall

2. Tools

2.1. Affirmations

2.1.1. being in the right state (step 4), write down a list of affirmations that are representative of this state. Like that you can always use those affirmations to get back into that state and / or to double-check if you're still there at any point in time.

2.2. confirm the choice

2.2.1. this idea is inspired by NLP: if you know what confidence/trust/knowing feels or looks like, look at the choice you're making by forming the intention and desiring it to manifest - is the choice well done, i.e. does it have those qualities? Or other qualities that for you usually are part of your well-made choices?

3. fundamental principles

3.1. Law of Attraction

4. common misconceptions

4.1. "believing" your intention can and will manifest is not part of the process, it doesn't affect the outcome!

4.1.1. changing beliefs is not necessary, the process even works if you don't really believe in it

4.1.2. the more important aspect is what you focus on

4.2. the part "feel how great you would feel if your intention had manifested already" does NOT mean you would feel like a super hero for every single thing you want to manifest -- euphoria is NOT the catch-all answer

4.2.1. for some things it can be just the very state you're in already so you don't have to even change it

4.2.2. for some things it could be just a feeling of more confidence

4.2.3. you could check the following list of positive feelings to see if you need to amp up one of them to get into the feeling state you're looking for for your intention to manifest - you could feel more... confident trusting in the Universe in yourself in the forces guiding you in the process courageous like you can take on the world powerful like you're truly the master of your reality like you can make even bigger and better and more meaningful things happen