Electromagnetic Radiation

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Electromagnetic Radiation by Mind Map: Electromagnetic Radiation

1. Spectrum

1.1. The spectrum is what changes the colors.

1.2. Roy G. Biv

1.3. Red is 700 nm. and Violet is 400 nm.

1.3.1. Colors vary in between these two.

2. Wave Lengths

2.1. Dependent on the source as to what type of wavelength and what frequency.

2.2. Wavelengths, are for both sound and light and it can be carried for millions of miles away.

3. Interactions

3.1. Reflection

3.1.1. light waves bounce off an object and return in the direction of the source

3.1.2. Mirrors reflect your image

3.2. Refraction

3.2.1. Light Waves bend when the medium is different, for example fast to slow

3.2.2. The eye refracts Light waves

3.3. Dispersion

3.3.1. New node

3.4. Diffraction

3.4.1. Is when an image is projected through a circular disc, the image will have concentric circles surrounding it.

3.4.2. Both the eye, and camera's have diffraction.

3.5. Interference

3.6. Polarization

3.6.1. Polarization eliminates a plane that the waves travel on, helping to reduce and eliminate glare from objects.

3.6.2. Sun glasses

3.7. Color

3.7.1. Color is dependent upon how far the light refracts in the prism, at 400 nanometers the color will be violet, and it will change all the way up to 700 nanometers where the color will be red.

3.7.2. Used everyday, helps make objects stand out.