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Sustainable Water Supply and Demand within Marin County by Mind Map: Sustainable Water Supply
and Demand within
Marin County
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Sustainable Water Supply and Demand within Marin County

Clean Water Sources

Grey Water Reuse

Water Districts

NMWD, Public Wells, Stafford Lake, Russian River

MMWD, Marin Reservoirs, Desalinization?

Stinson Beach, Inverness PUD, Bolinas PUD

Private Well

Stream or Pond

Private Property Catchment

Sanitation Districts


Las Gallinas

Central Marin Agency

San Rafael

Ross Valley

Corte Madera

Southern Marin Agency

Richardson Bay

Homestead Valley




Sausalito / Marin City

Land and Water Use


Water Users, Low Flow Toilets, Shower Heads, Fix Leaks, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Native Plants, Rain Gardens, Drip Irregation








Build soil to hold water, CO2 & roots

Protect creek banks from cattle

Capture waste run off

Open Space

County Parks

State Parks

National Parks

Water Districts

Water Quality


Sewage, Treatment Failures, Sewer Main Breaks, Sewer Lateral Leakage, Septic Systems

Atmosphere, Energy Used GHG's, Water Pumping, Water Treatment, Water Heating, Water Cooling

Erosion, Deforestation, Cattle Grazing, Soil Grading & Tilling, Stormwater Flooding

Toxics, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas

Water Treatment

Sustainable Water Policy

Reinforce Current Practices

Manage waste water infrastructure to minimize environmental impacts

Manage water supply to get thru the dry months & years

Minimize flooding during winter storms

Reduce storm drain pollution

Climate Protection

Comply with AB32 reduction targets

Maximize carbon sequestration

Anticipate rising tides

Water Rights and Principals

Don't import water from distant watersheds, MMWD should share water with NMWD; not from Russian River

Equal allocation, per person, at base cost, Live within nature's annual budget, 50 gal/day/person in wet years

Leave alone most of the watershed flow for the other species, 25% for humans, 75% for others, Chinook, Coho, Steelhead plus

Conserve Water, Don't flush or irrigate with potable water, Reuse grey water, Price high water use /person + dwelling => progressively

Conserve Energy, Don't move water unnecessarily, Forget Desal

Marin's Watersheds

With Creeks Flowing to the Bay

San Antonio


Novato, Stafford Lake, Vineyard, Aviche, Ignacio, de San Jose, Pacheco, Flood Zone


Gallinas, Santa Venetia

San Rafael, Meadows Flood Zone

Ross Valley, San Anselmo, Sleepy Hollow, Fairfax, Ross, Phoenix Lake, Corte Madera, Tamalpais, Larkspur, Flood Zone

Richardson, Milll Valley Flood, Bel Aire Flood Zone

With Creeks Flowing to the Ocean

Estero Americano

Stemple Creek

Tomales Bay, Walker, Soulajoule, Lagunitas, Nicasio, Nicasio Reservoir, San Geronimo, Kent Lake, Alpine, Lagunitas, Bon Tempe, Inverness Flood Zone

Point Reyes Seashore

Southern Coastal, Stinson Beach Flood Zone