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Deserts by Mind Map: Deserts
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Creating Water in the Desert Experiment

Discuss camouflage and create a picture of how a desert animals hides to keep safe.

Social Studies

Create map of the world and label the deserts.

Research what a desert is.

Create a timeline on endangered desert plants and animals.




Reading/ Language Arts

Books that can be read

Create a list of adjectives that would describe a desert animal or plant. Then create a story using those adjectives.


Creat a vocabulary mathching game and play it with a partner.


Write reviews on the books that they choose to read.

A trip to the desert book.


Create a diaroma of the desert including plants and animals.

Whole class diagram of the desert during the day and night. This is done throughout the unit and things are added as they are learned about.


The children are to act out an animal or plant and the others are to guess what they are.

Play Who am I. The children move around the room trying to figure out what animal they are by getting clues from their classmates.