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USB Disk Ejector V1.2 by Mind Map: USB Disk Ejector V1.2
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USB Disk Ejector V1.2


Expand program scope?


New features


User modifiable icons?

Icons for different devices? Beyond the disk/ipod ones already included.

Show more info about each disk

Issues and Problems

How to store all the new settings?



Some of the requested features require admin rights/elevation

Its primarily a portable app.


Rewrite instructions/readme

Completely separate page on site for disk ejector?

Refactor/restructure code

Check that Dave can still do the Delphi 2007 compile

Instructions/page - on how to use it with Pstart/Portable Apps Launcher

Instructions/page - on how to use it in a bat file/shortcut

Somehow make it clear that its NOT installed. Keep getting emails asking how to uninstall it and that its not listed in add/remove

Check - does disk use need to be enabled on an iPod before it shows in disk ejector/windows eject applet

Add an explanation somewhere about why you should safely remove rather than physically removing a device at will. Will stop the demanding 'Please explain why I need this!' emails I keep getting ¬¬

Need translators for the different language versions

Restructure code to allow easy translation