The Couch Potato Generation


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The Couch Potato Generation by Mind Map: The Couch Potato Generation

1. ¿Why are we suffering from sedentary lifestyle?

1.1. For the bad habits that have been instilled in society over the years.

2. Only Britain is suffering from these effects?

2.1. No, many more countries suffer from this phenomenon, which although it is not so noticeable, affects their society

3. Aspects that increase sedentary lifestyle

3.1. Poor diet and excessive use of technologies

4. Has the relationship with friends been affected?

4.1. Sure, because now we don't see them physically, we use technology

5. What would happen if we continue like this?

5.1. Society would fall into decline, and bad habits would become an habit

6. Can we change this behavior quickly?

6.1. Yes, but everything takes a while, this is defined by the will of society to change and generate good