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ChoiceCancerCare - Doctor's by Mind Map: ChoiceCancerCare - Doctor's

1. Dr. Gregory Echt, the son of a physician, is a board certified radiation oncologist and the founder of Choice Cancer Care.

2. Dr. Kiran Kancharla is committed to spending time with her patients and their family to ensure everyone feels comfortable with and confident in the personalized cancer treatment plan she develops.

3. Dr. Lee Drinkard is committed to providing cutting-edge, evidence-based care to patients with cancer and blood disorders with a high level of personal compassion.

4. After completing her medical degree and an internship at Gandhi Medical College in India, Dr. Dasari moved to New York City to complete a residency program in radiation oncology at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens.

5. Dr. Gilberto Jimenez-Justiniano is a highly trained specialist in medical oncology and hematology and specializes in the newest techniques treating diseases such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, blood disorders and a wide array of other types of cancer.