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1. audio

1.1. radio

1.1.1. ... is not tv

1.1.2. iPad radio

1.1.3. McLuhan - "new media is copying old media"

1.1.4. convergence every medium changes by introduction of new medias incorporating old media

1.1.5. content get it for free "content is king" industrie should discuss quality of content not distribution digital content creates neew formats author ollaborative authorship facebook factory

1.1.6. ... creates a cultural glue local and redional realtime expirience

1.1.7. ... is a daily campanion New node

1.2. choices

1.2.1. quantity user genrated content

1.2.2. quality professional generated content produce select present quality moments is not just an audiofile

1.3. listener

1.3.1. realtime experience

1.3.2. linear experience

1.3.3. New node

1.3.4. empathy for other people

1.3.5. ... also selects

1.4. digital

1.4.1. audio becomes immaterial

1.4.2. radio becomes addressable

1.4.3. is not realtime

1.4.4. internet is global thing used localy

1.5. archive

1.5.1. cultural memory

1.5.2. modorator is the master of the archive

1.5.3. New node

1.6. relations

1.6.1. you need a archastration to bring diversity together