Advantages of CALL

Lai, Ch.-Ch. & Kritsonis, W. A. (2006): The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology in Second Language Acquisition. In: Doctoral Forum. National Journal for Publishing and Mentoring Doctoral Students Research. Vol.3, No.1. Verfügbar unter:

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Advantages of CALL by Mind Map: Advantages of CALL

1. more independence

1.1. spatial

1.2. time-wise

2. lower costs

3. students can study more independently

4. teacher has more time to concentrate on parts of 2nd language teaching that the computer cannot handle

4.1. pronunciation

4.2. work on spoken dialogue

4.3. training for

4.3.1. essay writing

4.3.2. presentation

5. 7 Reasons [Lee (2000)]

5.1. practice through experiental learning

5.2. greater learning motivation

5.3. enhance student achievement

5.4. increase authentic material for study

5.5. encourage greater interaction between

5.5.1. teachers & students

5.5.2. students & peers

5.6. emphasize individual needs

5.7. enlarge global understanding

6. What abilities will promote 2nd language learners' motivation?

6.1. fun games

6.2. communicative activities

6.3. reduce learning stress, anxiety

6.4. provide repeated lessons as often as necessary

7. How does computer technology help students to carry out their independent studies?

7.1. by providing interdisciplinary, multicultural learning opportunities

8. computers capture, analyze, present data on students' performances

8.1. help in observing, checking, assessing students' learning process

8.2. help in offering feedback tailored to students' learning needs

9. authentic reading materials

10. interactive visual media

10.1. images

10.2. videos

10.3. visual expression of abstract concepts, cognitions makes understanding them easier

10.3.1. as opposed to verbally expressing abstract ideas What are effects of various communicative, interactive activities? strengthen linguistic skills they affect one's learning attitude building of self-instruction strategies, self-confidence

11. global community in the WWW