Three-Step Writing Process Outline

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Three-Step Writing Process Outline by Mind Map: Three-Step Writing Process Outline

1. Write

1.1. Adapt to Your Audience

1.1.1. Be Sensitive to Audience Needs

1.1.2. Build Strong Relationships

1.1.3. Control Your Style and Tone

1.2. Compose the Message

1.2.1. Choose Powerful Words

1.2.2. Create Effective Sentences

1.2.3. Craft Unified, Coherent Paragraphs

2. Complete

2.1. Revise the Message

2.1.1. Evalute the First Draft

2.1.2. Revise to Improve Readability

2.1.3. Edit for Clarity and Conciseness

2.2. Produce the Message

2.2.1. Design for Readability

2.2.2. Design Multimedia Documents

2.2.3. Format Appropriately

2.3. Proofread the Message

2.4. Distribute the Message

3. Plan

3.1. Analyze the Situation

3.1.1. Define Your Purpose

3.1.2. Develop an Audience Profile

3.2. Gather Information

3.2.1. Uncover Audience Needs

3.2.2. Find Your Focus

3.2.3. Provide Required Information

3.3. Select the Right Medium

3.3.1. Written Media

3.3.2. Oral Media

3.3.3. Visual Media

3.3.4. Electronic Media

3.4. Organize the Information

3.4.1. Define Your Main Idea

3.4.2. Limit Your Scope

3.4.3. Choose Between a Direct or Indirect Approach

3.4.4. Outline Your Content

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