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EMR by Mind Map: EMR
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Gamma Ray

Order of


Reflection, Change in direction

Refraction: Change in direction due to change in speed. A good example being light going through a different medium

Dispersion: Phase velocity of wave depends on frequency. Example being a rainbow in which white light is picked apart into different colors and frequencys

Difraction: When a wave encounters an obstacle so the waves bend. An example being the particles in the atmosphere creating a ring around the sun and moon.

Interference is the addition of two or more wave patterns that in turn create a new wave.

Polarization: Describes the orientation of the waves, light exhibits polarization while sound does not(sine wave)

Absorbtion: EM of a photon is taken up by matter and transformed into a different energy. E.g. the transformation of light to heat when EM comes in contact with matter.

Scattering is when EM is forced to deviate from straight path. White surfaces scatter all light wavelengths.

Transparent: Allows light to pass through an object, Translucent: Allows light to be passed through depending on frequency and wavelength eg filters, and Opaque: Scatters radiation in a medium so its neither translucent or transparent

Fluorescence: Emission of light by matter which has obsorbed EMR. Exaple being using UV(Blacklight) on the glow in the dark items.

Phosphorescence is like fluorescence but does not immediately reemit the energy but does so over several hours at a lower intensity.



Basic Unit is the Photon

Photon caries energy and momentum


Can go through both Vacum and Matter


Number of repetitions in period of time. For EM measured in Hertz


Period of the wave, basically the distance of the waves shape repeats.