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TPACK by Mind Map: TPACK

1. Technological Pedagogical Knowledge

1.1. SEAL objectives and activities; notebook software

1.1.1. Direct,explicit teaching;to enable students to practice skills; to assess childrens' learning and development

1.2. Digital cameras

1.2.1. Positive reinforcement of good behaviour - to "catch them being good"

1.3. Web20 tools, and Online class

1.3.1. To provide practice, modeling and scaffolding of desirable behaviour

2. Pedagogical Content Knowledge

2.1. Developmental

2.1.1. Assessing maturity and prior knowledge

2.1.2. Differentiation

2.2. Cognitive

2.2.1. Repetition

2.2.2. Modelling

2.2.3. Scaffolding

2.3. Social

2.3.1. Positive reinforcement of desirable skills and behaviour shown

3. Technological Content Knowledge

3.1. Direct teaching of citizenship and integrity

3.1.1. SEAL objectives and activities

3.1.2. Notebook software for presentation, notes, activities and games

3.2. Online class

3.2.1. Children will complete content related tasks, and communicate using the skills learnt in class

3.3. Digital cameras

3.3.1. Children will take photos of each other when they demonstrate integrity or citizenship. They will upload these onto the class site

3.4. web20 collaboration

3.4.1. Students can use programs such as Wetoku in order to practice their skills and knowledge learnt, and demonstrate to others