Strategic Planning Ocean State PMI

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Strategic Planning Ocean State PMI by Mind Map: Strategic Planning Ocean State PMI

1. Problems

1.1. Feedback for meetings isn't the greatest.

1.2. Registration can be a problem - need to work on it.

2. Questions

2.1. Do we want to increase the frequency of the PMP Training?

3. Focus on our partners

3.1. Bryant

3.2. Boston College

3.3. They have different offerings

3.4. May want to add discounts

3.5. Vendor product showcase.

3.5.1. Need to get the word out about our sponsorship benefits. Making phone calls.

3.6. Add PM links / make them a part of the library

3.6.1. Disclaimer: does not constitute an endorsement.

3.7. Corporate Sponsors

3.7.1. April - need to put together list of companies.

3.7.2. Champions

3.8. Level of vendor participation will increase the membership attendance.

3.8.1. $1,000 of sponsorship fees or more means have to file taxes.

4. Action Items

4.1. Gil: Identify the frequency of education classes for 2006

4.2. Follow up on the New England Summit. What's going on this year?

4.3. Follow up regarding Student Outreach

4.4. Career Development Days - add this to the collaboration initiative?

4.5. April: Championship list of companies in the area

4.5.1. Talk to Seimens contact - April

4.6. April: Get names of Education Committee and post the information on the web.

4.7. Board members: think about what other committees we need.

4.8. We need to get to the place where we can define metrics and baseline.

4.9. We need a mission / vision statement

5. Restructuring

5.1. We need to review the by-laws

5.2. Do we need to add Director positions

5.2.1. Are Directors voting members of the board

5.3. Be careful not to get too big and get dysfunctional

6. Growth for the organization is the #1 concern

6.1. Add members - increase the numbers

6.1.1. Improve Member services Webinar availability Breakfast Meetings, Lunch Knowledge - quality of programs Education Opportunities New format - PMP March - PMP group starting Encourage sharing our knowledge with other chapters as well.

6.1.2. Outreach to students Volunteer added for Student Outreach

6.1.3. Outreach - volunteering with organizations We need a volunteer coordinator

6.2. Improve % of PMs in the area to become members of the chapter.

6.2.1. What's the baseline? Need to establish the baseline of # of PMs

6.2.2. Dept of Commerce - bureau of census - Gil thinks we might get some data

6.2.3. Companies have information about # of PMs, PMPs, etc. - Need someone to be willing to contact companies.

6.3. Greater # of participation in meetings

6.4. Greater # of people participating in the chapter leadership.

6.4.1. Should be more candidates for elected positions

6.4.2. Add more appointed positions - don't need to change charter.

6.5. Collaboration with other chapters

6.5.1. New England Chapter

7. OSPMI Goals / Vision

7.1. Add value to our chapter

7.2. Support PM Professionals in their Certification Efforts

7.3. Facilitate Career Development

7.3.1. CT board is a great source of information.

7.3.2. See if we can collaborate for Career Development Days

7.3.3. Training classes - go to our partners?

7.3.4. Maybe facilitate our own training classes Experts Wanted

7.3.5. Encourage members to present and attend

7.4. Provide Outreach to Corporate, Education, Community and Gov't Entities

7.4.1. Maybe we need a committee for this.

8. Immediate Needs

8.1. More resources / volunteers

8.1.1. More committee members

8.1.2. Chairmen - Education Committee and others

8.1.3. Promote succession

8.1.4. Committees within organizational groups or special interest groups

8.2. Surveys

8.2.1. Why are people coming to the meetings?

8.3. Membership Communication - packages, e-mail, phone call?