Database Continuous Delivery

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Database Continuous Delivery by Mind Map: Database Continuous Delivery

1. Speaker

1.1. Jeff French

1.2. Moonswitch Softaware

1.3. @jeff_french

2. Migrations

2.1. problem

2.1.1. they describe how a database needs to change

3. Desired State

3.1. describes the state I want the database to be in at this point

3.2. tool should do whatever it takes, should handle that transition for me

3.3. helps

3.3.1. change the database to the end goal, the actual state

3.3.2. validates the end state migration changes you have to go manually validate afterward anyways... automate this

4. Codes and Demo

4.1. sql server databases

4.2. sql server management

4.2.1. sql source control

4.3. can commit the change

4.3.1. see the dif, easy to read

4.4. team city auto builds it into a nuget package

4.4.1. nuget package can be tested against a brand new database then will generate the deployment package

4.5. can generate test data based off of rules

4.5.1. sql data generator by red gate

5. Verrry $$$ Tools

6. Similar Talk


7. Other Tool