Project steps

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Project steps by Mind Map: Project steps

1. Gather Email Lists

2. Audience

2.1. Staff

2.2. Faculty

2.3. Department & University

2.4. Current & Past Students

2.5. Prospective Students

3. Prep Google Forms

3.1. For School of Education Faculty

3.2. For Current & Past Students

4. Begin gathering materials

4.1. Prep Google Forms

4.1.1. Get Approval Send

5. Prepare Paper

5.1. Abstract

5.2. Table of Contents

5.3. List of Figures

5.4. List of Tables (if any)

5.5. List of Appendicies (sure there will be some)

5.6. Acknowledgements

5.7. Ch. 1: Introduction

5.7.1. Statement of the Problem

5.7.2. Rationale

5.7.3. Research Questions

5.7.4. Scope (Limitation of the Study) Describe how this changed

5.7.5. Summary

5.8. Ch. 2: Literature Review

5.8.1. Focus on Community Buiding Literature in Support Literature Opposed or Showing Little Change

5.8.2. Support for community & detailed communication Feedback Mechanism Literature Review Related to Website Commentary

5.8.3. Proposed Navigation Link to Original and Changed Mindmeister diagrams

5.9. Ch. 3: Methods

5.9.1. IRB Exemption

5.9.2. Project Components Review of Promotional vs. Communication Sites Survey

5.10. Ch. 4: Findings

5.10.1. Survey Responses Appendix of commentary Response to the open ended questions

5.10.2. Review by Committee Proposed Changes Survey (if needed) to Larger Audience

5.10.3. Survey Tool: Google Forms Survey Admitted students in School of Education M.Ed. degrees Responses

5.10.4. Feedback forms & Discussion on Site Itself Review of Feedback Mechanism

5.11. Ch. 5: Discussion & Recommendations

5.11.1. Introduction

5.11.2. Location, Look & Feel (Branding)

5.11.3. How Students May Use the Site

5.11.4. How Faculty May Use the Site

5.11.5. Maintenance

5.11.6. Proposed Future Related Projects

5.11.7. Summary

5.12. References

5.13. Appendices

5.13.1. Full Survey Responses As Appropriate

6. Double Check IRB Exemption in Place

7. Build Out Proposed Structure

7.1. working space:

7.1.1. Showcase Home Faculty Showcase (landing page) Faculty Highlight: Dr. Renes Faculty Highlight: Dr. Healy Graduate Showcase (landing page) Graduate Highlight: B. Bender Graduate Highlight: E. Sterling Program Showcase (landing page) Program Highlight: Special Education

7.2. future home:

7.2.1. future home