19th cent. disciplinary mechanism: panopticon

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19th cent. disciplinary mechanism: panopticon by Mind Map: 19th cent. disciplinary mechanism: panopticon

1. disciplinary institutions

1.1. psychiatric asylum

1.2. penitentiary

1.3. reformatory

1.4. approved school

1.5. hospital

2. disciplinary mechanisms

2.1. lepers -> plague victims

2.1.1. practices of exclusion

2.1.2. tactics of individualizing disciplines

2.2. disciplinary controls universal

2.2.1. binary division mad/sane dangerous/harmless normal/abnormal

2.2.2. coercive assignment of differential distribution who he is where he must be how he is to be characterized how he is to be recognized how a constant surveillance is to be exercised over him …

3. Bentham's panopticon

3.1. visibility

3.1.1. being seen without ever seeing permanent surveillance complete individualization

3.1.2. seeing everything without being seen

3.2. power

3.2.1. automated

3.2.2. disindividualized

3.3. Jeremy Bentham

3.3.1. utilitarianism

3.3.2. animal rights

3.3.3. panopticon observation laboratory experiment train correct