ICT Lessons

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ICT Lessons by Mind Map: ICT Lessons

1. Podcasts for Lesson Plan

1.1. Objectives

1.1.1. teacher will play podcast Podcast containing Anishinabe greetings. Aniin - hello Boozhoo - formal (ceremonial) greeting niin lawrel Ndishnikaaz - i am called (my name is) Gigawabamin Menawah - See you again

1.1.2. students will listen and follow teachers directions when done listening students will repeat

1.2. Prerequisites

1.2.1. Grade 2 Native Studies infused with ICT Native Studies Curriculum 1.1.4: A-2 listen and respond using very simple social interaction patterns (e.g., greeting–response, question–answer) ICT continuum Affectiive Cognitive

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. computer with internet access

1.3.2. made a podcast with vocarroo

1.3.3. edited with audacity

1.3.4. uploaded on Blog

1.3.5. play on blog

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. introduce lesson

1.4.2. show podcast

1.4.3. students will follow and repeat

1.5. Assessment

1.5.1. Teacher will observe students ability to repeat phrases

1.5.2. Teacher will have a checklist to indicate if the student can prominently say the phrases

1.5.3. did the student have trouble saying the phrase? should i review?

2. Videocast Lesson Plan

2.1. Objective

2.1.1. show a video of items and students will identify whether the items were made to be used in space Bring to class a variety of items (e.g., orange drink crystals, canned orange juice, a pocket calculator, freeze-dried food, a map of the world, a detailed map of a global region, a crystal). Ask students to identify the items they think are the result of space research.

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Grade six Science, Cluster 4 Manitoba Curriculum GLO: A1, B1, B5, D6 ICT Continuum Affective Cognitive

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Computer with internet access

2.3.2. Video on youtube or blog

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. introduce lesson

2.4.2. have students watch video

2.4.3. answer questions

2.5. Assessment

2.5.1. Observation walk through the class

2.5.2. Conversation ask questions to students about projects

2.5.3. Checklist have a checklist about the rubric and criteria

3. Maps for Lessons

3.1. Objective

3.1.1. map lesson finding communities in Canada Using Google Maps students will find and identify communites on a map of Canada Teacher directed, students will follow intsructions

3.2. Prerequisites

3.2.1. Grade Two Social Studies incorporated with ICT manitoba curriculum Cluster Two: Communities in Canada 2.2.2 Features of Canadian Communities KL-023 Locate Communities on a Map of Canada ict curriculum affective domain cognitive domain

3.3. Resources

3.3.1. computer with internet access

3.3.2. google maps

3.3.3. Manitoba curriculum

3.3.4. ICT continuum

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. teacher will introduce lesson

3.4.2. using google maps students will locate cities on map

3.5. Assessment

3.5.1. teacher will observe student throughout lesson are students able to locate cities on map is further instruction needed? have they grasped the material prominently

3.5.2. teacher will have a checklist which cities were easy to locate which cities were difficult

4. Collaboration

4.1. Objective

4.1.1. students will identify when the provinces gained entry into confederation using a time line

4.1.2. students will get into collaborative groups and make a timeline

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. Grade 6 Social Studies Manitoba Curriculum KH-027 KH-033 VH-012 Collaborative groups of students create a multimedia presentation illustrating factors leading to the entry into Confederation of provinces and territories after 1870. Students include images and descriptions of key individuals, stories, and events, and the specific years of entry into Confederation. Compile group presentations in a class presentation. 6-KH-033 Identify factors leading to the entry into Confederation of Manitoba, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nunavut, and specify the year of entry. ICT Continuum Affective Cognitive

4.3. Resources

4.3.1. Computer with internet access

4.3.2. Google docs

4.3.3. made a timeline on google sheets

4.3.4. Manitoba Curriculum

4.3.5. ICT Continuum

4.4. Notes

4.4.1. introduce lesson

4.4.2. children will make a timeline

4.5. Assessment

4.5.1. Observation & conversation do they get the lesson taught

4.5.2. checklist do they understand accessible any trouble what can i do to better my teaching and their learning

4.5.3. have rubric in place for final project