Adult Growth and Development Begin Here

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Adult Growth and Development Begin Here by Mind Map: Adult Growth and Development Begin Here

1. Teaming

1.1. Instrumental

1.1.1. Developing Ground Rules Tutorials to Develop Teaming Sills Compass Points Protocol

1.2. Socializing

1.2.1. Peer Discussion School Committees CFG

1.3. Self-Authoring

1.3.1. CFG Independent Study Critical Reflection

2. Leadership Roles

2.1. Instrumental

2.1.1. Micro Labs Groups involved in identifying goals, areas of need, data driven decision making Jigsaw Description

2.2. Socializing

2.2.1. Committee Work Consultancy Protocol Shared decision making

2.3. Self-Authoring

2.3.1. Professional Learning Communities Heads of Committees Mentoring

3. Collegial Inquiry

3.1. Instrumental

3.1.1. Protocols with Structure and Time Frames - Clear Understanding of Steps Brainstorming Grant Writing

3.2. Socializing

3.2.1. Discussion for conflict resolution Asynchronous Discussions Questions and Assumptions Protocol

3.3. Self-Authoring

3.3.1. Opportunities to apply recommendations and reflective thought into practice Reflective analysis of self Development of Curriculum

4. Mentoring

4.1. Instrumental

4.1.1. Opportunities to learn with Experienced Teacher Jigsaw Description Book Talk

4.2. Socializing

4.2.1. Jigsaw Description Small group Four A's Protocol

4.3. Self-Authoring

4.3.1. Online Becoming a mentor The 5 Why's of Inquiry