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Vi Course by Mind Map: Vi Course

1. Introduction to Vi

1.1. Intro to Vi Lesson Plan

1.1.1. Intro to the course and how we're going to start by learning some basic and introductory knowledge about Vi then get into it by learning how to gain gold early/throughout the game then how to translate that gold into a dominant game.

1.2. Mechanics and Ability Info

1.2.1. In depth look at Vi from a mechanics/ability details perspective

1.3. Pre Game Knowledge

1.3.1. Just get this out of the way early

1.4. Tips and Tricks

1.4.1. Little tidbits no one knows about Vi

2. Mastering Vi

2.1. Gaining Gold

2.1.1. How to gain gold on Vi from a macro/meta perspective

2.2. Jungle Route and Clearing Efficiently

2.2.1. How to farm the jungle perfectly

2.3. Dominating the Early Game

2.3.1. How to identify ganks and capitalize on them early

2.4. Post 6 Mindset

2.4.1. How to move from your early game advantage with the proper mindset

2.5. Utilizing Your Ultimate

2.5.1. Different ways you can use your ult

2.6. Teamfighting

2.6.1. Self explanatory