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Introduction to ASP.NET MVC by Mind Map: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
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Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Product Information

Creator: Scott Guthrie (Scott Gu)

Program Manager @ Microsoft - Phil Haack

Release Timeline


Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Active Server Pages (ASP)



What is MVC ?

Acronym for Model-View-Controller

It is a "presentation" design pattern

Key principle is Seperation of Concerns (SoC)


Can we mix ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC in an application ?


ASP.NET MVC sits on top of ASP.NET (3.5)

It is not a replacement for webforms, rather an alternative

Does not replace ASP.NET (3.5) libraries or functionality

Phased migration from ASP.NET to ASP.NET MVC is possible by adding the MVC libraries and the routing data

Note that ASP.NET MVC works well with Web Application Projects (and not websites)

URL Routing HTTP Module in web.cofig decides who gets to process the request

Features of ASP.NET MVC

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Highly Extensible & Pluggable

URL Routing

Heavy on Convention & Guidance (Convention over Configuration)

Built on top of ASP.NET, hence inherits all its features like Profiles / Membership / Security etc

Supports Post Redirect Get (PRG) pattern


Use Web Forms when ...

Use ASP.NET MVC when ...


Description: This Mind Map introduces ASP.NET MVC to web developers

Created by: Preeti Edul

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