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Massage Heights by Mind Map: Massage Heights

1. Our Company

1.1. Corporate Team

1.1.1. Plus One Duplicate

1.2. Careers

1.2.1. Plus One Duplicate

1.3. Retail Products

1.3.1. Gift Certificates

1.3.2. Heights at Home Revive Plus Two Dupllicates Relieve Plus Two Duplicates Energize Plus Three Duplicates Breathe Plus Three Duplicates Relax Plus Three Duplicates Plus One Duplicate

1.3.3. Dermalogica Anti-Aging Plus Three Duplicate Sensitive Plus Four Duplicate Clear Skin Plus Three Duplicates Signature Essentials Plus One Duplicate Brightening Plus One Duplicate Plus Two Duplicates

1.3.4. Therapearl Plus Two Duplicates

1.3.5. Comphy Linens Quilts Plus Two Duplicates Sheet Sets Plus Two Duplicate Plus Two Duplicates

1.3.6. Archipelago Candles Plus Two Duplicates Diffusers Plus Two Duplicates Plus Two Duplicates

1.3.7. Dreamtime Shoulder Wraps Plus Two Duplicate Eye Pillows Plus Two Duplicate Plus Two Duplicates

1.3.8. Plus One Duplicate

1.3.9. Plus One Duplicate

1.4. Giving

1.4.1. Plus Two Duplicate

1.5. Partnerships

1.5.1. Plus One Duplicate

1.6. Green Initiatives

1.6.1. Plus One Duplicate

1.7. Press

1.7.1. Massage Heights and the American Cancer Society

1.7.2. Return the Love this Mother's Day

1.7.3. Massage Heights Announces Recipient of inaugural Founders Cup Award Plus One Duplicate

1.7.4. For All He Does: Help Dad Live Life Better

1.7.5. Massage Heights Joins Rock N Roll Marathon Series Plus One Duplicate

1.7.6. Massage Heights Retreats Nationwide Join Together to Help People Live Life Plus One Duplicate

1.7.7. Massage Heights Looks to Leverage Brandenton Florida Area Success Plus One Dupllicate

1.7.8. Massage Heights Raises Funds to Help People Live Life Cancer Free Plus One Duplicate

1.7.9. FKM Massage Heights Plus One Duplicate

1.7.10. Elevate the Everyday this Holiday Season With Massage Heights Plus One Duplicate

1.7.11. Spoil Your Sweetie

1.7.12. Massage Heights Expands Body/Face Retreats Plus One Duplicate

1.7.13. Buying For Mother's Day Causes Stress Plus One Duplicate

1.7.14. Massage Heights ACS Plus One Duplicate

1.7.15. American Cancer Society Chicago Marathon Determination Team Plus One Duplicate

1.7.16. Stay Well and Elevate the Everyday this Holiday Season Plus One Duplicate

1.7.17. 100th Massage Heights Location Plus One Duplicate

1.7.18. Massage Heights Valentine's Day Plus One Duplicate

1.7.19. Nothing Says Love Like the Gift of Relaxation Plus One Duplicate

1.7.20. Massage Heights Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Plus One Duplicate

1.7.21. Elevate Mom's Day with the Gift of Relaxation Plus One Duplicate

1.7.22. Take Care of Dad This Father's Day

1.7.23. Massage Heights COO Shane Evans to Appear on CBS's Undercover Boss Plus One Duplicate

1.7.24. Plus Two Duplicates

1.8. Contact Us

1.8.1. Plus One Duplicate

1.9. Gift Cards

1.10. Plus One Duplicate

2. Membership

2.1. Lifestyle Programs

2.1.1. Plus One Duplicate

2.2. Additional Benefits

2.3. Corporate Memberships

2.3.1. Plus One Duplicate

2.4. Family Memberships

2.4.1. Plus One Duplicate

2.5. Military Discounts

2.6. Meet Our Members

2.7. myHEIGHTS rewards

2.8. Why Join?

2.8.1. Plus Seven Duplicates

2.9. Plus One Duplicate

3. Facials

3.1. Benefits of Skin Therapy

3.1.1. Plus One Duplicate

3.2. Types of Facials

3.2.1. Anti Aging Facials

3.2.2. Sensitive Skin Facials

3.2.3. Clear Skin Facials

3.2.4. Essential Facials

3.2.5. Plus One Duplicate

3.3. Face Elevations

3.4. Products

3.5. Speed Mapping

3.5.1. Acne Plus Two Duplicates

3.5.2. Oiliness Plus Two Duplicates

3.5.3. Skin Aging Plus Two Duplicates

3.5.4. Skin Tone Plus Two Duplicates

3.5.5. Sensitivity Plus Two Duplicates

3.5.6. Dryness Plus Two Duplicates

3.5.7. Plus one Duplicate

3.6. Gift Certificates

3.7. Therapeutic Aromatherapy

3.8. Plus Two Duplicates

4. Massage

4.1. Massage Types

4.1.1. Swedish Massage Plus Five Duplicates

4.1.2. Deep Tissue Massage Plus Four Duplicates

4.1.3. Sports Massage Plus Five Duplicates

4.1.4. Couples Massage Plus Four Duplicate

4.1.5. Pre Natal Massage Plus Four Duplicate

4.1.6. Plus Two Duplicates

4.2. Benefits of Massage

4.2.1. Plus Two Duplicates

4.3. Massage Elevations

4.3.1. Benefits of Elevations Plus One Duplicate

4.3.2. Hot Stone Therapy Plus Four Duplicates

4.3.3. Revitalizing Face Massage Plus Four Duplicates

4.3.4. Reviving Foot Scrub Plus Four Duplicates

4.3.5. ActiveTherapy Plus One Duplicate

4.3.6. Aromatherapy

4.3.7. Plus Three Duplicates

4.4. Elevate the Everyday

4.4.1. Plus one Duplicate

4.5. Therapeutic Aromatherapy

4.5.1. Relax Plus Two Duplicate

4.5.2. Breathe Plus Two Duplicates

4.5.3. Energize Plus Two Duplicates

4.5.4. Revive Plus One Duplicate

4.5.5. Plus Two Duplicates

4.6. Products

4.7. Gift Certificates

4.8. Testimonials

4.9. Massage Heights Members Live. Life. Better.™

4.9.1. Meet Kelly Plus One Duplicate

4.9.2. Meet Kitty

4.9.3. Meet David

4.9.4. Meet Jill

4.9.5. Meet Pat

4.10. Plus Three Duplicates

5. What to Expect

5.1. Massage

5.1.1. Plus One Duplicate

5.2. Facials

5.2.1. Plus One Duplicate

5.3. The Massage Heights Experience

5.4. Plus One Duplicate

6. Gift Cards

6.1. Plus Three Duplicates

6.2. Valentine's Day

6.2.1. Plus One Duplicate

7. Franchise

8. Locations

9. View By State

9.1. Plus Two Duplicates

10. Make a Reservation

11. Footer

11.1. Blog

11.1.1. Massage Therapy Can Help Prevent Cold and Flu Plus One Duplicate

11.1.2. The Perfect Father's Day Gift Plus One Duplicate

11.1.3. Boost Immunity and Overall Wellness with Massage Therapy Plus One Duplicate

11.1.4. Massage Therapy for Managing Workplace Stress

11.1.5. Blog Pages Blog Page 4 Blog Page 8 Blog Page 12 Blog Page 16 Blog Page 20 Blog Page 24 Blog Page 28 Blog Page 32 Blog Page 36 Blog Page 40 Blog Page 44 Blog Page 48 Blog Page 52 Blog Page 56 Blog Page 60 Blog Page 64 Blog Page 68 Blog Page 72

11.1.6. Blog Categories Founders Fitness Challenge Page 4 Plus Three Duplicates Balanced You Page 4 Page 8 Page 12 Page 16 Page 20 Community Therapist Corner Page 4 Events

11.1.7. Blog Archives 2015/05 2015/04 Plus One Duplicate 2015/03 Plus One Duplicate 2015/02 Plus One Duplicate 2015/01 Plus One Duplicate 2014/12 Page 4 2014/11 Page 4 2014/10 Page 4 2014/9 Page 4 2014/08 2014/07 2014/06 2014/05 Page 4 2014/04 2013/01 2012/09 2012/04 2012/02

11.1.8. Summertime Skin Care: 5 Ways to Prepare

11.1.9. Show Your Mom You Care This Mother's Day with Massage Therapy

11.1.10. Stay Calm and Masasge On

11.1.11. Massage Therapy Spring Time Renewal

11.1.12. What You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massage

11.1.13. 8 Tips for Getting the Best Facial Experience

11.1.14. Meet Andrea Duke Our Newest Contributor

11.1.15. Massage Heights Member Exclusive Benefitss

11.1.16. Founders Fitness Challenge: Getting Your Friends and Family Involved

11.1.17. Founders Fitness Challenge Week 4

11.1.18. Founders Fitness Challenge Week 3

11.1.19. Back to the Basics of Our Cofounders Nutritional Journey Plus One Duplicate

11.1.20. Massage Therapy and Migranes

11.1.21. 7 Things Only People With Arthritis Understand

11.1.22. The Surprising Cure for 5 Common Pregnancy Discomforts

11.1.23. Massage Heights Sponsors Former PGA Tour Player Anthony Rodgriguez

11.1.24. Massage Heights Lake Ridge Massage Provider Poromac

11.1.25. Cooking For One

11.1.26. Themed Baby Showers

11.1.27. Massage Heights Introduces 90 Minute Facials

11.1.28. 4 Reasons to Schedule a Hot Stone Massage

11.1.29. The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

11.1.30. Massage Heights San Antonio Sponsors Trinity Crossfit Competitions

11.1.31. Massage Heights Facemap: Our Nation National Rules

11.1.32. Facial Skin Therapy Get Mapped Get Results Plus One Duplicate

11.1.33. Surprising Cure for Common Causes of Insomnia

11.1.34. Massage Therapy: 5 Ways to Manage Pain

11.1.35. Skin Therapy: Find the Answer to Everyday Skin Concerns

11.1.36. Massage Therapy For Military Veterans

11.1.37. Massage Brings Couples Closer

11.1.38. Hot Stone Therapy: Stay Warm this Winter

11.1.39. Skin Therapy: Winter Skins Care tips

11.1.40. Massage Heights Gift Guide

11.1.41. Pregnant Women: Sleep Better Tonight

11.1.42. What to Do After A Massage

11.1.43. 5 Simple Ways To Relax

11.1.44. Skin Therapy: How Facials Can Improve Acne

11.1.45. How to Add Some Healthy to Your Holidays

11.1.46. Give a DIY Mini Massage With Heights at Home Products

11.1.47. Fall Skin Therapy Tips

11.1.48. Why Men Should Get More Massages

11.1.49. Massage and Your Specific Health Conditions

11.1.50. Healthy Summer for You & The Kids

11.1.51. The Food Label Grocery Store Crash Course

11.1.52. Founders Fitness Challenge: Meet Shannon Plus One Duplicate

11.1.53. Getting Back into the Kitchen

11.1.54. Establishing Good Habits

11.1.55. Pets Can Lead to Happier Longer Lives

11.1.56. How to Reach Your Goals and Stay Motivated

11.1.57. Eating Clean is More than a Trend -- It's a Healthier Way of Living

11.1.58. Injury Prevention and Post Run Recovery

11.1.59. The Difference Between a Swedish Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage

11.1.60. 5 Ways to Prepare for Spring at Massage Heights

11.1.61. Founders Fitness Challenge: Week 2

11.1.62. Founders Fitness Challenge Week 1

11.1.63. How to Keep Your Holidays Happy: Helping Families with Picky Eaters

11.1.64. Simple Secret to Running Longer and Faster

11.1.65. Conquering Your Sweet Tooth

11.1.66. 10 Tips to Get the Best Massage Experience

11.1.67. Massage Therapy: 5 Tips for a Healthier You in 2015

11.1.68. Massage Therapy: Dealing With Holiday Stress

11.1.69. Massage: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

11.1.70. How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Crossfitters

11.1.71. Finding Work-Life Balance

11.1.72. Massage Therapy and Golf: How Regular Massages Can Impact a Golfer

11.1.73. 6 Benefits of Swedish Massage

11.1.74. Small Changes Matter: Nutrition Tips to Get Your Started Plus One Duplicate

11.1.75. Massage Therapy: All Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

11.2. Franchise with Us

11.3. Contact Us

11.4. FranConnect Login

11.5. Careers

11.6. Site Map

11.7. Privacy Policy

11.7.1. Plus Two Duplicates

11.8. Disclaimer

11.9. Virtual Tour

11.10. My Heights Rewards

11.11. Military Discounts

12. Zipcode Lookup