Physics 112- Summer 2010

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Physics 112- Summer 2010 by Mind Map: Physics 112- Summer 2010

1. Outline

1.1. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Matter

1.1.1. Electricity= the movement of charged particles in a current Insulator=material that does not conduct electricity Ex. rubber Conductor= material that conducts electricity Ex. Copper Semiconductor= inbetween a conductor and an insulator; can sometimes conduct electricity Ex. silicon Superconductors= conduct electricity very well; are able to conduct with a some type of voltage being applies to the material

1.1.2. Magnetism= how matter responds to a magnetic field -Magnetism can depend on the temperature and state of the material -There are certain materials that are not magnetic; gases, copper, plastics and aluminum

1.2. Fields and Forces

1.2.1. Force= the amount of attraction (or repulsion) between materials -Opposites will attract each other -Same will repel each other

1.2.2. Field= the area in which the electric field is producing the charged area Lenz's Law= when a current in induced by something, it will oppose the change in the applied field

1.3. DC and AC circuits

1.3.1. Circuit= something that provides electricity to flow through Current= the flow of electrical charge Voltage= the amount of force in a current Resistor=something that does not allow electrical current to flow through Capacitor=part of a circuit which stores electrons which then flow through the circuit

1.3.2. Series Circuit=all components of a the circuit are connected to each other and there is only one path for the electrical current to travel though out the circuit

1.3.3. Parallel Circuit= there is more than one path for the electrical current to travel on

1.3.4. Ohm's Law= V= I x R= Voltage= Current x Resistance

1.4. Electromagnetism

1.4.1. = the forces that causes the interaction between charged particles; this occurs in an electromagnetic field

1.4.2. Click the link below to see the mindmap that I created on electromagnetism..

1.5. Elements of Modern Physics

1.5.1. Laser Surgery LASER= Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation -Lasers control the way that atoms release photons Types of Laser surgery Laser Eye Surgery Laser Hair Removal Used to remove tumors and warts Used to reduce the appearance of scars Used to seal nerve endings after surgery

2. Competencies

2.1. Effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative information orally and in writing

2.1.1. -This is evident through the project technical glogs and also through my weekly glogs.

2.2. Explain the application of fundamental physical properties to various physical phenonmena

2.2.1. **See the "outline" side of concept map and daily work on Eport.**

2.3. Apply appropriate problem solving techniques to practical and meaningful problems using graphical, mathematical, and written modeling tools.

2.4. Work effectively in collaborative groups

2.4.1. Worked with Quammer for project 1; Communicated with her via email and text message to make our coil guns as effective as possible and to create our tech glog and project document

2.4.2. Worked with Andrew Fischenberg for project 2: I was able to meet up with him to create our telescope, and we also worked together to create our tech glog

2.4.3. Worked with Andrew Fischenberg again for project 3: was able to meet him at the laser hair removal site where we were able to interview and see the lasers together. We then communicated via text message and email to create the power point slide show of our research