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DMA Strategy Rating by Mind Map: DMA Strategy Rating
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DMA Strategy Rating

The Data Management Assessment for the ANCDS CoE

Commitment to Perform

"A pact that is freely assumed, visible, and expected to be kept by all parties."  ("Maturity Questionnaire" by CMU/SEI-94-SR-7 epecial Report, D. Zubrow & et. al., June 1994).

Abilities to Perform

Activities Performed, Measurement & Analysis, Validating Implementation, GOAL: Baseline Established; Ready for Continuous Improvement, Optimizing implementations R>=65%, Business-based ROIs sufficiently realzied (R=25%), Enterprise-wide data support operation is sufficiently realized, Validation tools are sufficiently automated (R=5%), Data Stewardship processes can be robustly realized despite operational data asset changes (R=10%), Customer/user sustained support for continuous improvement (R=15%), ROIs based on Value-added Data Quality is sufficiently realizied (R=25%), Data Quality can be optimized automatically, (enterprise-wide), Full mission-capable can be or is sufficiently realized (R=20%), Sufficient measurements R>=75%, Measurable Data Management activities and Processes against metrics/criteria (R=35%), Data & Metadata Processes sufficiently robust to change organization-wide, across-boundaries, Data conflict management & resolution efficiently resolved, Data Asset & Products within Federated operation are sufficiently realzied (R=10%), Customers, Stakeholders, & Users involvement, Partial-to-full mission-capable is realized (R=35%), Validation data tools & mechanisms are adequately implemented, Validation of processes & activities against planned objective, organization-wide, Other Data Quality against metrics & criteria have been adequately complied with (R=20%), Sufficient Activities R>=60%, Data Management processes/activities sufficiently aligned organization-wide or across boundaries (R=35%), Sufficiently resolved data integration interfaces implementation, Data integration standard-based, Data Quality challenges sufficiently resolved organziation-wide, Sufficiently managed Processes with federated services, discovery & accessibility implemented, Change Management sufficiently aligned organization-wide (R=20%), Data Stewardship realized across-boundaries, Organizaiton-wide, fully realized ADS, Data & Metadata processes sufficiently in place organization-wide, Data & Metadata Processes sufficiently robust to change, Customer / Stakeholders User (e.g. Domain) Satisfaction (R=25%), Most feedbacks (e.g. data quality challenges) become proactive rather than reactive, Sustained support from customer/user, Sufficiently verified processes & activities against planned objectives (R=20%)

Sufficient Abilities, R>=70%, Competent Personnel Available & with some but not sufficient process activities (R=25%), COI, IPT, Working Group or Forum membership and infrastructure in placed, Processes with or without federated operations realized & with some implementations, Defined activities & processes and how they will be performed, Some Management Activities but insuficiently aligned organization-wide (R=20%), Management Activities & Processses based on Standards or best practices, Needed resources for process development & intgeration identified, Data Integration Points or Interface (mostly) indentified, but insufficiently implemented, Monitoring & Measuring for process control & improvement & intended output, Metrics/Criteria identified for process measurement of effectiveness & efficiency, Change/Modification Management not fully aligned organization-wide (R=15%), Data & Metadata Processes realized, Identified Process owners also become ADS, Data Stewardship strategy or plan, Data Quality draft plan, Cross-boundary Data Validation draft plan, All Critical (data quality) feedbacks have no adequate solution(s) (R=40%), Effectiveness of Data asset feedbacks, Active member of governing bodies or conflict resolution forum

Sufficient Commitment, R >= 60%

Org. Charter established & understood (R=10%), Guidance Policy or Directive document(s), MOA or LOI or related, Organizational purpose defined

Establish Funding (R=50%), Funding Pending

Plan of Action & Schedule (R=40%), Task Goals & Objectives Established, Adequate documentation to enable consistent process operations., Policies & Objectives clearly identified based on requirements, needs, & epectations, Process owners with responsibility & autjority ensuring effective interactivity, Determine input & output of the processes